Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sometimes I wonder what would happen if all our words were ALWAYS true and all our actions were ALWAYS genuine. Would that generally warrant for things to always work out right?

I think I’m going crazy.

Have you ever gone out of your mind to the extent you don’t even know whether to laugh or cry about it?

Has it ever hurt so bad you don’t feel it anymore?

Is there no conviction deep down inside?

Monday, September 06, 2010


Sick and tired of your false pretence

Was that all for show?

Feels like being under a spell

Of your manipulations

How could you say one thing

But mean another?

Was it all untrue?

Was it all unreal?

Has it just been

Paper faces on parade?

Where everything were

Seethed in shadows and lies

If only you knew

How it feels

When you unmask yourself

Just like another

Mask behind you

The profession that keeps people talking

So what do you do? Are you studying?

Oh no, I’ve just started working.

Oh, whereabouts?

In the hospital.

Wow, cool. As a nurse/doctor?

No, as a dietitian.

Woa, DIETITIAN? That’s so cool. So what do you do on a daily basis?

Main perception of dietitians…to help ppl DIET! so you help ppl lose weight huh? well technically not just that!

Do you plan meals for people? So you tell people what to eat and what not to eat…So do you follow yoru own advice?

[…and it goes on forever!!]

Like seriously, why don’t people react the same for other professions?

What I hate most is when they eyeball you from top to bottom to see if you’re “fit” to be a dietitian.

Oh wells…

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random update

A Random Conversation

A: Hey (: Oh, rushing off to work?

B: mmMMmm…yah!

A: Better get going then.

B: Oh, by the way…how’s work? Getting used to it? Settled?

A: Ermm, yea pretty much.

B: So it’s time!

[long pause]

A: *blank

B: Time to start looking.

A: *eyebrows raised*…huh?

B: Time to start looking for him.

A: =___=””

A: Well, he will come when he comes lah =p

B: Must LOOK you know, else how would you find?

A: @___@””

A: Eh, weren’t you rushing off to work?

B: Ohyea! byeeee!!

A: =______________=””

Monday, August 16, 2010



Could someone please help me up?

Apologies for the inactivity. The writer will be back shortly.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The new journey

It has been two years of mental torment and stress…but by His grace, I can proudly say I DID IT! I have officially graduated! Some say, “finally!” or “at last” which depicts the satisfaction and gratefulness to Him who made it possible!

Below is the temporary photograph from the official grad website.

For more grad pics, click here

Words cannot express enough my gratefulness to Him for His grace, favour and blessings upon my life here in Adelaide. Would also like to thank my family, close loved ones and all of you for your support, encouragement and prayers!

Thank YOU all!

As with everything that comes to an end, a new beginning births. May you direct my paths as I put my trust in You!

Have a fantabulous 2010 everyone!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009