Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random update

A Random Conversation

A: Hey (: Oh, rushing off to work?

B: mmMMmm…yah!

A: Better get going then.

B: Oh, by the way…how’s work? Getting used to it? Settled?

A: Ermm, yea pretty much.

B: So it’s time!

[long pause]

A: *blank

B: Time to start looking.

A: *eyebrows raised*…huh?

B: Time to start looking for him.

A: =___=””

A: Well, he will come when he comes lah =p

B: Must LOOK you know, else how would you find?

A: @___@””

A: Eh, weren’t you rushing off to work?

B: Ohyea! byeeee!!

A: =______________=””

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