Monday, May 31, 2004


Woke up early this morning for a final run through for today’s worship session. Upon arrival, everything seems to be in such great mess. The guitar, bass and keyboards just weren’t in tune. Each was about half a semitone apart from one another although much tuning was done. While running through the songs, everything was messy and a pain to the ears. Distortion settings for the guitar were out. Guitarist couldn’t remember his prior settings during rehearsal and we were running out of time. Because of time constrain we had to bear with the incoherent sounds which were practically NOISE. Thank God for a gracious and awesome God. For it doesn’t matter how in tune or perfect we are with our instruments (but also not implying that it isn’t at all) our hearts and attitude towards worship are the key to pleasing God. Despite all the technical errors and all, God was still in our worship.

Today we celebrated parents’ day in church…a couple of presentations here and there. Oh yea…here’s a poem I tot was kinda cute;-)

"What's wrong with grownups?"

1. Grownups make promises, then they forget all about them, or else they say it wasn't really a promise, just a maybe.
2. Grownups don't do the things they're always telling the children to do--like pick up their things, or be neat, or always tell the truth.
3. Grownups never really listen to what children have to say. They always decide ahead of time what they're going to answer.
4. Grownups make mistakes, but won't admit them. They always pretend that they weren't mistakes at all--or that somebody else made them.
5. Grownups interrupt children all the time and think nothing of it. If a child interrupts a grownup, he gets a scolding or something worse.
6. Grownups never understand how much children want a certain thing--a certain color or shape or size. If they don't like it they say, "I can't imagine what you want with that old thing!"
7. Sometimes grownups punish children unfairly. It isn't right if you've done just some little thing wrong and grownups take away something that means an awful lot to you. Other times you can do something really bad and they say they're going to punish you, but they don't. You never know, and you ought to know.
8. Grownups are always talking about what they did and what they knew when they were 10 years old--but they never try to think what it's like to be 10 years old right now.

The word awesome would pretty much sum up the day.

Went for dinner with mum before buying some groceries for the week. Ate fried kuey teow…haha…and the guy frying it was kinda cute:-Þ No, I’m not desperate but hey…it’s not an everyday thing where u get to see lengchais frying kuey teow!! Haha…usually they are either old, round, or….a lady!! Anywayz, although he was kinda cute, sadly it didn’t taste as good as he looked. Wahahaha!!!

Well, it’s the beginning of a brand new week. Hopefully all goes well *winks*


Anonymous said...

WUahahahahahahahah. You... you... you... HAHahahahha. Ey, so funny lar you. Ppl around me might think I'm mad de (*psst, me in the computer lab now*). I tried to stop myself from laughing but I couldn't help it. I laughed to myself reading your ENDING till I was in tears. The lab assistant who was walking around looked at me pretty weirdly. And it's all your fault!
You're so funny lar. I still wanna laugh.. Aiyoooo. HAhaha. I tak sangka lar. Eunice likes to 'kap' lengchais wan er. HAHAHAHAH. *rotfl*

Anonymous said...

*psst* Had to post this here coz couldn't comment on the previous post. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, realllllllyyyyy, am very, very, very, very, very, very, very.... SORRY!! So, so sorry. A million apologies. I still feel bad thinking about what stupidness of me that caused you (and your parents) much trouble. Super sorry ar? Come lar, I belanja you makan =)

eunice said...

hehe it's normal to kap leng chai rite?? at least i'm not lap-ing luis...wahahahaha:-Þ

hey aiyo my dear...stop worrying lah!! it's not ur fault at all lah!! stop feeling bad and all lah. REALLY WAN!! just chil's alright;-)