Monday, June 07, 2004


It was dark (mainly because my room has no windows) but it was rather dark and cloudy outside anywayz, cold (due to the overnight rain) Perfect weather to be sleeping in. Snoozed my alarm to buy a couple of minutes as I was so cozy and comfortable in bed and just didn't want to wake up. Just when I was almost goin to sleep again...nah the alarm didn't ring again but something else rang. *ting* was I just hearing those bells? It did not exactly sound like those chanting bells though. Took me a while to realize it was actually the phone. Haven't heard my house phone's ring tone for quite a while I totally forgot how it sounded like. (how silly) I still didn't wanna pick it up cos I knew it would definitely be dad's call. Since the phone was in my one else could hear it and it was kinda annoying so I gathered all my "strength", got up and picked up the phone.

"Heelloooo..." In my rather low and cracked voice. (just woke up mer:-Þ)
"Hello??" said the guy on the other line. (he couldn't hear me??) So I just said "Heelloooo..." again with the same tone. "Hello? Hello? (this time beginning to recognize the voice)...Eunice ah?"
It was my BROTHER on the phone!!!! "ahh...KOKO!!!!!!" Haven't been able to call him that for a loooooonggggg time.'s my dearest KOKO!!!! Guess he was rather shocked I was at home. Probably didn't know I was still in subang=) When I passed the phone to dad, overheard my bro asking him what time is it. Haha...he knew I just woke up.

Definitely an AWESOME way to begin my week with. Got to hear my koko's voice!! Hehe...YEAYYYY so happy. Feel like hugging someone...but can't be goin around hugging the people I dunno!! (i think the girl beside me thinks i'm weird...)I haven't stop smiling and laughing to myself ever since I log on to the com. (couldn't blame her i guess)

It wasn't just the phone call that made my day!!! IT was the news behind it. KOKO's coming HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay...(yeay's starting to sound "rong" n weird) But anywayz...he's coming back sometime 1st week of JULY...which is less than 30 days. WOOHOOOHOO!!!!! Can't wait!!! And he'll be here probably til mid/end of aug. YEAY!!! After almost 2 years of not seeing him face to face...definitely a moment I've been waiting for!!!!!!

I'm so happy and excited I could go one forever...but it'd just be so redundant so I'd just stop. Mind's not thinking anything else other than the fact that brother's coming home. *screams and shouts for joy* YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!


Anonymous said...

yong may

Ale said...

Aaawwww...*sniff sniff* This is so touching! *sniff sniff*

eunice said...

*jumps in excitement*
yeayyyyy...still extremely H-A-P-P-Y!!!!!!!!
ahhh can't wait til july comes...wahahahaha!!!