Tuesday, October 12, 2004

monday? monday!!

It's the beginning of yet another week! Sigh...time really flies! But I've completed my assignment which is due this wed. Just need to print it out...so I'm basically a lil relaxed right now.

Hhmm let's see what's been happening over the weekend. Saturday was a LONG day. Practices with that certain someone just ends up forever. But anywayz the practice was put to good use. Our presentation for the lil kids on sunday was simply splendid. It was the children's day celebration. So we as youths presented them a song...and so did the TEACHERS!! I must say...the teachers really did a good job! For once the teachers performed...instead of the children time and time again. Oh and about the song we presented...I just love it. The original version of course...by amy grant. It's called children of the world. The intro is what I like most!! And all the violin parts. Sigh I wished I took up violin when I was younger. The sound of it is just LOVELY! (when played correctly of course). Talking about violins...I was thinking of starting and I did ask my piano teacher to recommend me some teachers...but I'm still waiting for her reply.

I'm just so excited bout goin over to dad's place. Just can't wait. If all goes well, Ale might even come along. How much more fun can this get? I really hope she can come along too. And I can't wait for yongmay to come back too!! Sigh I miss her soooo much!!! Just about 5 weeks more...ooo I can't wait!

Watched the battle of the bands vcd with Ale earlier. Sigh the memories with the deaf monkeys. I actually miss those times of craziness. Whenever there's Andrew there's just total insanity!! And to watch us make a fool of ourselves again...totally hillarious. Couldn't stop laughing. And the "kiddie" band...just looking back at those times makes me realize how time just doesn't wait for men.

Speaking of which...I've spent several hours online now. Thanks to the trusty streamyx connection now. It's freaking fast ppl...compared to the dial-up of course. Waiting for a page to load with the dial-up can make u grow old.

Oh and we might have another housemate. Met him in CF and he's really really TALL. And when I say TALL I really mean TALL. He's like the gandalf and we're the hobbits (like what Ale's been telling). Hhmm...which makes me wonder...would we be as psychomaniacaly out of our minds or be more SANE?? Oh well I guess we'll know only when it happens.

Alrights...my turn to take a shower. See ya ppl and have a great week ahead!!


Ale said...

Eh? Didn't realise you posted something last night =)

Eyyy!! Me wanna learn the violin, too, kie? Don't forget to call me when you've got some place to learn at de ah?
Violins- Ahhhh, the sound they can produce... sweet!

OOOhhh.. US! Wanna go, wanna go. Ratio of going to not going is about 49:51. Haha. Slight margin on the approval of my parents. BUt then again, who knows? I might not even get the VISA(if I'm allowed to go)then waste money paying for it summore. Geez.. Pray, pray..

Haha. Ey, yah lah. YM coming back so fast uh? Few more weeks only then you get to see your dearest bestest budd. again. Awww.. so sweet. Hehe

HahahahahHAHAHAHHAHAhahahahHAHAHAHahhaha.. Deaf Monkeys ruled lah! Actually Andrew's song should have won the song category. That medley cannot stand a chance against any band also.. maybe past the 'kiddies' one lah. Oohh. But YOU WERE KENG! Wasted. The judges lah.. they dunno how to judge wan(except Ps. Adam). Hehe.
(Blaming others again)
Everyone: *whistles/cat calls*
Yong May: Shhh!
Hahahahahhahaha. THat part so funny lahhhh.

Hahaha.. Yeah lah.. Streamyx fast lah. But then rite, yesterday it was a bit sesat lah. Lagging one. But at least if it's fast, it's faster than the UCSI's one. HAhaha.

AHAHAHAHA...aiyo.. new housemate? psychoMANIACaly out of our minds? SANE? Why psychomaniacaly out of our minds? Why?
HAhahhahaha. Aiyo. So funny lah. Yet so weird. Cannot gila-gila at home de. We become a serious kie? Hahaha. The Gandalf part not you say wan meh? Haha. What I know is that tiba-tiba only the name Gandalf was mentioned so many times today.. I mean yesterday. *Hello Merry! You is Merry hoh? Or you is wan Mary?*
Nice anot me Engrish? Me in the ribwary now. HAhaha

Aiyo..my comment is like typing you a mail de rite? Haha

eunice said...

fuyoohhhh...so very the long lah ur comment haha...but nice...i like it!! the longer the better!!!

woohoo...49:51?? YEAY...looks like the chances are getting higher huh? Yippeee...I'm so overexcitedly HAPPY!!!! infact the word happy just doesn't seem enough to express my oh-so-happy mood now. Let's just continue to pray and hope for the best!! Woohoo...I feel like jumping up and down no wait...I feel like taking a spin on that spinning-swing-like thingy...er whatever it's called!!

Haha...gandalf...not u say wan meh? I also forgot de...but yealah so many the times we've been using that aedi. Ehh mary? HAhaha...then hhmm who's SAMisi ah? wahahaha

ey u sleeping in the com lab ah? hehe 8)

Ale said...

Hahahahaha.. YOu like long-long comments ah? Next time when I free that time(Tuesdays@1-4pm) I type you long-long comments kie? Haha.

HIgher chances of going? NOt really lah. It has been the same since yesterday when I told you. My parents haven't said anything about it yet lah. GOsh! Hopefully lahhh..

Hehehe...Not I say Gandalf wan rite? I only said the hobbits wan. Hahaha. I know I said Gandalf tonnes of times lah.. in Klang that time. (Sidney looks like Gandalf). Hahaha.

Aiyo...I wanna sleep de lah. But can't sleep here in the com lab. After the peeps all waiting for the computer scold me how? Hehehe.
Eh, 10mins to 4 de. I think I better go now lah.