Saturday, November 20, 2004


Dependency on beings are often left in vain. Why then do we still depend on them? Why do we still dwell in the things we are not supposed to? Why do we have the need to be different? Why is it when you just need something so just won't be there? but when u careless bout it...IT's THERE right in front of u!! Sometimes constantly there...bugging and annoying u at every single moment.

Sometimes I much can one live for the goodness of others? How long can one stand living a selfless life? Putting many others before their own. Suffering deep down just for the sake of other's happiness? Ridiculed and humiliated just for the sake of others. There's this saying that goes like this "You don't start living unless u start living for your own self." But that is certainly a worldly point of view. What then is God's perspective of life?

*sigh* one of my sleepless nights...wondering and pondering...seeking and waiting...daunting yet hoping for the best...

*eyes wtill wide open at the wee hours of the morning*

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