Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The day had definitely begun better than I expected! A thought of what a boring, long, draggy very mundane wednesday would be changed when my lecturer said she was gonna cancel the 12pm class. YEAYYYYYYYY. My tutorials were already cancelled so that just made my day. No 8-5 classes. My Microbio test was okaylah. It turned out easier than I I'm happy *big smiles* NOt expecting much though...will just wait and see how I did lah.

So...I finally cooked again last night. Hehe...haven't been cooking since months ago before my finals last year. Had been eating out like EVERYDAYYYY!!! Was really kinda lazy but oh well...just a simple dinner. Besides my housemate did some cooking as well. He 'baked' some cheese sausages and heated a pan of baked beans. All I have to do is fry some garlic, eggs and some luncheonmeat. Yes I was really a meaty dinner. We didn't had vegetables as we haven't been grocery shopping for ages. Oh and Isaac cooked rice. It's funny though that he finds everything in the kitchen cute. *giggles* Guess it's equally as unhealthy as eating out:-Þ The only consolation is that we had loads of fruits and yeah not THAT bad lah rite? So last nite was the first gathering of the year of us all in this lil 'house' for dinner at the tiny lil round table=)

Starting work this thursday. Gosh I hope I remember to turn up. Not so much of filing and profile viewing this sem. Was told to have lots of typing to do. Guess it wouldn't be as fun would it? But filing's equally yeah. Was talking to my supervisor the other day and she actually studied foodscience too! Well not so much to what I'm doing cos she was more into foodtechnology. She was telling me her side of the story of how boring her work was having to be confined in the four walls of the factory. So she decided to come out and teach! Wonder why she end up in the school of management though.

All classes for next week are CANCELLED!!! It's a good thing to have chinese lecturers=) YEAY!!! CAn't wait for chinese new year!!!

oooOOoo and Yong May's back!!!!!! Will meet her up on fri before she goes back to penang.

Ale's been in the cny mood. Check out her blog here =) Pictures of our cny celebration back in Taiping...last year=)

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