Monday, September 26, 2005



It's not merely an action of treading or trampling heavily or violently on something as defined by the dictionary, well not for what I'm about to STOMP bout anywayz!! STOMP is an extremely difficult concept to define.
No one word does it justice. It's not a play. There's no story and no script, there's no lines. It's not a dance number. It's true, the performers move about the stage, graceful, controlled and with beautiful precision, but it's more than that. It's not a concert, as the drumming, banging, scrapping, slipping and stomping are only a part of the whole, and certainly not complete on their own.

So what's all the stomping about?
STOMP is a high energy, percussive symphony, coupled with dance, played entirely on non-traditional instrmuents such as garbage can lids, buckets, brooms and sticks with a unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy.

Here's a sneak peak:


So why am I so excited about STOMP?
Well mainly because I had the opportunity of WATCHING it LIVE on the very last day they were here. Tickets were fully booked and so we only managed to get tickets on that very last day. Photography wasn't allowed, but I found this online which looked kinda similar to the setting in istana budaya, but it's kinda blurry though...

Yups, so they started of with brooms. I wouldn't say they were graceful with the brooms tho, by the number of brooms they broke=Þ

I can't exactly remember the order to what acts they did, but i remember there were matches, rubber pipes (personal fav), sand, buckets, sinks, rubber gloves, pastic bags, basket balls, lighters, bottles, trash can/lids...hmmm that's all my memory can recall for now. I really liked the rubber pipes one. It's really amazing how they made sure each pipe was in TUNE to a certain frequency for them a tune!!! Me likey that very much =) ooo and i also like the ones where they were standing on huge 'tongs' and holding long sticks to hit their huge 'tongs'. that was interesting. esp with the lil drama of that lil guy in the box hopping from one place to another, running away from them.

It's just so funny-with no words, physical comedy abounds-polished and intense; it's brilliant, engaging and perfectly timed.

Ohyea, they even used that pump thingy (that thing used to suck up stuffs that clogs ur sink~~hhmm watever it's called lah) which ended with a surprise when one of them stucked it on his tummy! And it wasn't just one...but TWO!!

They included crowd participation throughout...for certain acts. They'd clap/snap fingers and stomp a few times and to a diff beat and all and we'd have to echo. First it started off simple. Just two claps. Then three and then a few with a beat/rhythm. It gets trickier each time but at the moment we think we've got it all...they'd come up with a really FAST super crazy clap&stomp routine and all we audience could do was......give them a big APPLAUSE!!! hahaHAhaah=Þ

All in all, it was a great performance and if given the chance, I'd go watch it AGAIN!!

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