Friday, February 03, 2006

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

*tong te-long tong chiang*

It was definitely a great chinese new year celebration back in taiping...despite the extremely scorching weather. Had our usual blessing service kinda thingy, as a tool of reaching out to our unsaved relatives. It's very encouraging to see some of them being more open to the gospel. The years of prayers are certainly not in vain!! Awaiting to reap the harvest!!

There was of course the usual MAKAN-ing. Then there were some singspirations of songs, some kiddy games (which my uncs and aunts and even my ammah played along) and some sharing of course. This year Ale got it all...well most of it all (after she realized she was mock-recording for a while *giggles*) recorded. muahAHahah...all the candid moments, can't wait to watch it again. I did get some shots tho (p/s- yongmay, I don't only have pictures of my cute lil cuzzies and nieces and nephews yah *giggles*)

Food was yummy. Salad prawns and curry chicken prepared by cousin ~ guy cousin!! and some chicken leg kerabu by my cousin-in-law...tasty (without the chicken leg - not that it isn't nice...just that i don't like chicken legs)
Some other random pics of the family...

dad and si ku (ale's dad) and more random pics

remember that game 'passing the rubberband using only the straw in your mouth'? here's a candid pic of my ah yi and ammah...hehe

had some outdoor games as well...haha doesn't seem like anyone's playing anything...well that's because they were listening to instructions...
yes Ale...i know what you're laughing at!!!! *ssshhhh*

and of course...something kids just can't miss!! we almost wanted to burn the long red 'endless' wan (watever u call it lah haha) but heard some neighbours were caught and fined that nite!! *shhhh*

Had some of my relatives over at our place last night. More reasons to delay my reports and studying *mUahHAhaha* nah...I'll definitely get to it!!! Waked up early for BAK KUT TEH in klang this morning. mmMMmm yummylicious...

I guess I better be goin lah...need to work on the workloads i've been piling up...*feeling guilty*

So to all who's holidays are ending...I know what it feels like =Þ
To those who're going abroad or goin back abroad...pleasant journey to you and all the best in your studies!!
To those who've just went abroad...I MISS YOUUU!!!
To those who're abroad and I've not seen for quite some time...I MISS YOU TOOOOO!!!Faster come back and visit lah!!
To you who've went abroad and I've not seen in YEARS...I MISS YOU DEARLYYYYYY!!!!!
To YONGMAY who's stepping into the working world...ALL THE BEST yah!! Remember that God always has the BEST for you yeah?? =)
To ALE who's moved in next door under the same roof..."manu nanapo"?? hehe..."yi yi lu ti ta lok"?? "kok kok kay"...hahAHahhaha
To those around who i've not been seeing much lately...hope all's goin on well for you guys. hopefully we'll be able to catch up soon =)
*not that anyone's gonna be reading this anywayz haHaha soI guess that means I can actually say anything rite?* more thing before I go...

ah eng chi chi had a lil surprise thingy for dad at 12 midnight...and another later that night. How sweet =) my dearest daddy,
thanks for your love, patience, and understanding!!!
*big beary hug*

Alrightey...that's all for now.


Kristi said...
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ale said...

Ah-chooOOoo..!! *another episode of sneezing next door to you*

Eyy..I didn't actually get it all la. I only shot a few moments of a few moments.. and most of the moments are pretty 'potong stim' wan la.. like if you watch a funny part, haven't laugh finish i already stop the recording. Sigh, really amateur la.. and i really regretted not taking the whole thing continuously.. wasted!
BUT.. thankfully, i got on camera this one: "bffffffffffffft" *sound of balloon(s) that 'terlepas angin'* *rotfl*

AIyooooooooooooooOOOOoooOOOooo.. *squeezes the many, many lil' cutie pies* I miss all of them so much la.. they all are so super cute wey.. my gosh!!!

Eunice enggaporingeh? manu nanapo? Oh.. ahhahehe. Ey, wa ai ki kun liao. chinya beh tahan leh.. buhbyeeeeeeeeee*huggiez neighbor*

eunice said...

haHAha...nvm lah...still got next year!! so take the WHOLE thing ah...ok? ok? OK??

eh...what bfffffffft ah? sssshhhhhhhh