Friday, April 21, 2006

Exams are OVER!

Wasn't as excited when I left the examination hall after my last paper, but am sure glad it's over. This week was sooo crazy, I actually feel weird having the time to sit in front of my computer!

Was chatting with a friend when I realized, simple sentences can be misinterpreted, especially when chatting online. While some may turn out hilarious, some can actually be rather embarressing.

Now that all the stress and exams are's an end to my binge-eating habit. Was just reading an article about "burning more fat by exercizing on an empty stomach"... click here if u wanna know more about it.

I was actually gonna talk about my experience during my visit to the disabled home last Easter...but I'm sleepy...guess I'll just continue tmr (=

*off to lala-land*

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