Friday, May 05, 2006

There goes my 10-day break

My holidays have come and gone. Classes have already begun. I guess it just hasn't gotten into me that this is my final year til we had a meeting this afternoon regarding our thesis. The titles are out and we have each been given topics. There were 3 main divisions to choose from, product development, research/survey or analysis. Wasn't interested at all in doing another survey since I've done it before. Wasn't as keen on handling instruments and conducting analysis and was pretty much interested in product development. But to my dismay, there are limited topics...a total of 8 for 8 of us...which means no one can have the same topic. Well, I just hope I won't dry out on this as I'll be analyzing the stability of polyunsaturated fats in oils.

Truthfully speaking, I don't know exactly what I want...or rather I don't see myself in future in factories or behind instruments or in the shoes of a food technologist. Nutrition?? I guess I'm leaning towards that but still...I just don't know if this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. be honest, I'm still between major crossroads.

I know this process of completing a thesis comes with molding me not only in knowledge but me as a whole. O Lord, I need Your guidance and strength!!!

On a lighter note...I certainly had a great holiday over the long weekend in singapore. It was awesome being able to meet up with Kimberly (*psst...notice the specific colour used ) and family after such a long time. Gosh girl, you better not be growing any taller!! Call me when u come up during ur hols yah? Then we can together-gether go crazy hehe...
Well, here's a pic of the Sims (with 2 missing ones...) and my parents and myself.

It was definitely an enjoyable moment for me (especially after being deprived of holidays). There's so much to talk about...the food was great (especially cousin in law's chicken rice...hehe)
yup u saw that right...CHICKEN RICE!! haHaha
Most importantly, the awesome company of family and friends...

I think I might add more details later...
Time to zoom off to la-la-land...

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Davester said...'s been ages since i last visited ur blog :)

just wana leave a msg..

nick, (if u happen to read this blog) - u look like apek man!!!!! :D

very muscular apek :D

sorry couldnt help it :) long time no see bro.