Thursday, August 03, 2006

happy happy (=

Got back my internal marks for my electives. I've gotta say, I was quite surprised. It was unexpected...but was Good!! yeayness....But all of which it couldn't have happened if not for God's favour and grace. I'm pretty surprised by all my most recent quizzes...guess there was that motivation and drive to do much better after all the saddening and disheartening tests and midterms. Oh, and not to forget...many many thanks for all your prayers (=

At least now I can keep that out of my mind and worry less when studying.

Gaahhh....finals in exactly 7 days!!!

Can't wait to get over and done with this mannnnn!!! But will only be having a 4 day break before I start my lab work for my thesis...yeaa sadly we have to go back during the hols or else we'd be fighting with the rest of the students for lab slots. It was funny to think that we almost had to carry out our experiment in the open. Cos apparently, we're working with oils and they don't wanna get their ovens/incubators/labs dirty. Like as if we haven't paid enough...besides it's not like we're gonna burn down the whole lab rite? We don't even have to proper equipment to heat the oil up to its smoking point at a predetermined time of 30 minutes. Apparently the equipment that we have can only heat up to 150°C....and we need to go up to about 245°C?? So the only alternative is to either heat at a lower temp for a longer time or add some catalyst or something....other than'll be the conventional way...though keepin the temperature constant would be really hard!!

Sigh, I don't wanna think about it anymore. Don't even wanna think about my next and FINAL sem!!!! Gosh, 3 core papers and my thesis....all in 7 WEEKS!!!! So much for not being allowed to do more than 2 papers in a short sem previously!!!

Well, just as someone has said...there's only ONE way....which is none other than by God's grace!!!!

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