Sunday, October 22, 2006

Shocking surprise!!


*jaw drops*
*heart stops beating*

...and the usual familiar tune goes on after that! Was still trying to process what just happened. Gosh I must say...I really din expect this at all!! Thanks again you guys for the shocking shocking SHOCKING SHOCKING surprise!!!! But most importantly...the mastermind behind all this...Ms. Leow Yong May!!! *big hugz and kissess*

I guess this would be the first successful surprise in the history of our youth aye?

Oh and Ale...have you bought the THING you wanted to buy that you can put THINGS in it wan??

Let me try and recall exactly how it ALL happened...actually looking back now...there were so many 'loop holes' to suspect, but guess I just TRUSTED them soo much that I'd never see this one coming. It's a good thing though...cos I do surprises. Never knew there'd be one for me...til now that is!! But I think this would take me I'm gonna leave it hanging for now. Will come back with details!

So for now...I just wanna say THANK YOU to:
YONG MAY for the effort in giving me the most memorable surprise...
my lovely cuzzies ALEbear and ISAACbear and MICHAEL for the lovely chain...
EUGENE koko for the yummylicious oreo cheese cake...
GAVIN for the lovely steven curtis chapman cd...
and DAVID LEE for Mr.Turtle!!!!!
and not forgetting MUM and DAD for being part of it as well!!!!!!

and also a BIG THANK YOU to ALL of your lovely sweet messages and the unexpected phone calls!! THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCCCHHHH!!! I really really truly appreciate it!!!!
*big huggiez and muaaxxiieeezzz*

[edited: 22 Oct 2006] And to the person who just dropped me a lil something at my letter box....THANK YOU!!! It was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt!!! hehEHeheh

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