Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Had been right where i'm seating now, typing and browsing and searching and typing and thinking and typing and typing and staring and yawning and dosing off and waking up and typing and thinking and walking around my room and reading and typing and typing and reading and eating and eating and eating and typing and drinking and typing and falling asleep and dreaming and jerking and waking and typing and reading and typing and typing and staring and typing and thinking and typing and typing...

I guess you get the point. It was an insane week, to a point of jadedness! But cum friday...it was a HUGE relief. and when i say HUGE... i really mean H-U-G-E HUGE!!!!!...after the submission of my thesis that is. Come to think of it, the impossible became possible after all!!! It's definitely a miracle! After all the struggles with the cranky unpredictable instrument and gas leakage and what nots, the write up of the thesis was done in less than a month, and having only about a week before dateline to finish up the discussion and conclusion part, abstract, adjustments on the whole layout and finalizing everything til the very last few hours before submission! Handing in the final draft to the examiners was literally like passing onto them that HUGE burden i've been carrying for the past few months which grew bigger and heavier each day! Gosh, I can't manage to express enough, how LIGHT and RELIEVED i am right now!!

But, there's still one small section of the load. VIVA this thursday!! This is crazy I tell you, crashing the whole experiments and completion of the thesis, and now the viva which is like what...2 days plus?? AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
You know, I can't get over this post-thesis-trauma-syndrome thingy now. Every once in a while, something pops up, then i'll panic and re-think if i did it as how i should...or like oh nooooo did i write it that way ah? did i quote properly ah? did i this...did i that...
I tell you...mental torture u know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm feeling like some chinapek all of a sudden. i tell you... *laughs to self*


Davester23 said...

Wow! well done on completing your thesis!!!

this might brighten up your day...


have fun! :D

all the best for the viva!!

dave c

eunice said...

Hey Dave!!
Yeaaaaaa....it's finally OVER!!!! Thank GOD!!!! waahaHAHahahaHAahhaHAha!!!

oOOoo it's up on youtube huh? gosh I hope I don't get blamed for sending it to you =Þ
Well no one needs to know it's there rite...esp the main "star" hehehehe (=

Anywayz, a very blessed christmas to you!! I'm sure u'd have fun having ur mum over. take care and God bless!!