Sunday, April 22, 2007


Gosh...time really flies!! ...And I think I've been using that sentence quite a number of times now in my previous entries. But it really does!!! One moment I was whinning and dragging my feet to work and dreading that it's gonna be FOUR full months!!! ...But lookey now, it's already end of April!!! Well, almost! ONE more week!! ...from FOUR months to just ONE more WEEK!!! Woo hoooo!!

Will be giving a presentation on my four months training tmr. Yikes, me no likey presentations. No no *shakes head* ..hhmm speaking of shaking heads, sigh I just don't get how people these days can be soooo, aih I shall not dwell on that any further.

Yes, I know. I have my presentation tmr and of all the times I choose to blog, it's the nite before my presentation. How "smart" aye? I don't know..tho I'm kinda worried and terrified bout presentations and especially knowing that my boss' boss actually commented to a trainee that her suggestion was STUPID (ya she really said that literally) and irrelevant...the nerves aren't getting to me just yet. Not sure why tho...Hmm, perhaps I'm filled with other emotions right now. *thinks happy happy thoughts* *bigbig smile*

Or perhaps I'm just too overly excited that there's only SEVEN more days and I won't have to endure all that has to do with the company I've been working anymore. Nay!! not SEVEN more days.

Well, there's lots to say but...the nerves are setting in a lil now. much for not being nervous at all. Oh well, would appreciate all your prayers (from those who actually still do reads this lah...hehe) So til the end of the long awaited 'SEVEN more days' wait...I'll be back...with more blabberings and hopefully some pics.

Here are some of the singapore trip pics *courtesy of lenny/ju ann/yongmay*
click here
It's actually uploaded by yongmay on her site enjoy!!

p.s.--> Ohyea...for those who don't pc has been infested by malware (as identified by pc-expert-Dr.Pang) hehe...hence my absence (apart from the lack of urge to blog).

Guess that's all for now. Have a great week ahead people. God bless!!! Till then...



Ale said...

Ooohhh... A post!

Longest is time you has not is posting ya? Me is so longer waiting for you is posting somewords. Miss miss miss miss you is me! *huggie*

Yay yay! Eunzbearbear is a no more working lady in the QuietIngredient in lesser than the 5 times 24 hourings. Ya?

Heheh.. Take care and Have a lotta lotta funny! *muakz*

eunice said...


yes yes the longer the time me is not posting. sooner you will see more postings i think...if i'm not too busy sleepings or lazying around. wahaHAhahaHAahha...

yeay yeay...yea me is no more working in the quietingredient factory in just 1 days more. wahahAHahhaah!! so mengexcitingkan!!

me is cannot waiting for holidaying in taiping and penang with you!! wahahAHahhahaAHah...

yes i knowing me is something veli wrong...u wait i finishing tomorrow then me lagi the something veli wrong!!!!


Yong May said...


*eunice cheers*


*eunice cheers*