Sunday, September 16, 2007


I've abandoned mr bloggie for a month now...Lots have been happening and there's soo much to be happy and excited about which I'd like to share, but not tonite. Kinda feeling under the weather. It's prolly due to lack of sleep + lack of nutrition = weak immune system --> cough, flu, high fever. Yea it's pretty bad and I've been falling sick pretty often this year. Hmm...I bet you're wondering why the lack of sleep rite? Well it's been a busy week for me and perhaps my body was not up for the over exertion.

But somehow I still have the might to blog despite feeling sick. Perhaps it's because of ONE BIG HUGE ENORMOUS GIGANTIC EXCITEMENT!! But before that, PICTURES!! hehe




souvenirs from NZ which include one lovelylamb and one self made necklace (thanks alebear) *big huggiez*

And now, after all the's time for the ONE BIG HUGE ENORMOUS GIGANTIC EXCITEMENT!! It's happening on the 2nd OCT!! That's as much as I'm gonna say. So til then, wait with me for that ONE BIG HUGE ENORMOUS GIGANTIC EXCITEMENT!!!

*laughs out loud*

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