Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Oh how time flies...

Christmas has come and past...

This year's Christmas was definitely different for me. It's my first Christmas (since half a decade ago) together as a FAMILY!! It's nice to celebrate Christmas together with dearest mummybear, daddybear and kokobear dearest!! I *heart* this family (:

It certainly has been great having kokobear dearest back home and spending holidays/occasions/celebrations together as a COMPLETE family (:

Loads of pics to be uploaded but that has got to wait. Leaving to singapore in a while...woohoo!!!!

A very Blessed Christmas to all you who are still reading this...(lol...I know it's kinda like belated but nonetheless I still wanna wish ah :p)

And since it's Christmas and all about Christ, let me share this with you. Had to wait til after christmas to post this up, just so I don't be a spoiler to some of you who reenact it (: I love it soo much and tho it's just a short and simple one...I always shed a tear each time I watch it. So enjoyz (:

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mike said...

very good video.. nice and meaningful.. thank you for loading it up hehe..