Monday, April 21, 2008

Picture updates

In the midst of my mid-term break now. Can't believe a week has passed! Wasn't doing much work, actually none at all (feeling a lil guilty now)...but it's called a break for a reason rite? I think I'm getting rusty at blogging now. Not that I was any good at it but, words are not coming out right now. If only I could plug in a cable into my memory and let you view it for yourself.

Since I can't do that, I'll just upload heaps of pics here. Some pics were ages ago...well okay that's a tad too much of an exaggeration but it feels like I've been away for soooooo long ):

Our herb garden. It's an area event in The Village (where I live)...and yes, that's our scarecrow =p Herbs are growing well! Fresh garden herbs up for grabs!!!!

My first 'normal' meal ever since I came...CHAR SIEW FUN!! mmm yummm (:

An aboriginal painting on one of the walls in the Flinders Medical Center

My pics are so random...

@ the Flinders Ranges
This is one of the many walks we had to do...the start of Aligator Gorge

Don't ask me why I was standing like that...they told us to crouch!!! and no one did it? aargggh

Guess which is my prizes for right guesses tho =p

Where's Mr.Wallaby??

Aboriginal paintings

In the winery

At the small town of the place where we were staying the first night...really quiet town. Love the colour of the sky (:

That lil boy actually came running towards us saying, "Hey gurls!!!"...then came closer and gave us a bigggggg smile and ran off...hehe (:

On the way up Wilpena Pound

From the peak...I think =p

The other side of the view from the peak. It looks better in video tho...

Golden tree at the winery

The winery

Gosh, that took up a lot of time...will post more pics (with ppl in it) soon. Getting dark now...and it's only 6pm. Gotta head back home now before it gets colder...freezing in the library now's funny how the air conditions are super cold during cooler days like this but not during summer when it's sooooo HOT!!

Oh well, gotta run!!!

Missing you guys back home heaps!!!!!


Ale said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

aren't air conditioners used in cooler days supposed to be cooler as compared to warmer days? LOL. I find it funny that you find it funny >.< HAhahaha...

YAY! POST more pics of YOURSELF LAAAAAAAA.. I wanna see youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu alsooooooooooo :)

Aiyah. so hard to talk to you on Yahoo! :(

Love ya! *biggest huggies* :)

eunice said...


lol...actually what i meant is that last time during summer they don't turn on the air condition to cool down the place but when it's nice and cool they turn it on and make it cooler! cos you know lah they very "im cheem" about goin greener and saving electricity all...better if they just turn it on during summer and not now rite? instead of the other way... hahaha...we were roasted turkeys in summer and frozen turkeys now in autumn...not sure what we'll become during winter!!

dunno if you get what i mean but yealah they all here very pelik wan. even in the buses rite...when the weather is cold the turn on their air the bus is actually colder than the temperature outside...but during summer leh...sooooo hot still they don't turn on the air condition...i dunno lah if everyone here's like that or if it's a norm or =p

hehe my camera don't have my pics wan...cos whenever we take pics together we'll just use my friend's cam...will post it when i get it (:

haha i so cheong hei here. better stop liao =p

love and miss ya heapppssss!!! *greatestbiggesthuggiezintheentireworld*


Ale said...

hahaha you is teawling me storyyyy :) yayyyyyyyyy :)

eunice said...

lol...yes!! i is teawling you storrryyyy (: so long never teaw you story dy...hope to see you online soon!!

missing you sooooooooooooooooooooo vellliiiiiiiiiiii muccchhhiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!