Wednesday, June 04, 2008


It was a cold gloomy monday morning
Gloomy weather = moody me
Dragged myself out of my warm cozy bed
Long day ahead
Enjoyed a nice warm shower
Noticed blinking light on phone
Indicates voice message
Retrieved it
"Just to let you know you've got a package waiting for you at the front desk"
Grabbed sweater to head to front desk
Only to realize it's not THAT cold after all
(it's always COLDER in my room)
Reached front desk
Requested for my package
"Nope, sorry we don't have any for you"
NO? but I've got a message from you to collect a package
"We must have made a mistake...sorry about that"
Happy surprise excitement moment gone
Resumed day as usual...

[next 2 days]

Yet another cold gloomy wednesday morning
Dragged myself out of warm cozy bed
Enjoyed nice warm shower know the whole drill...
Went to class
"I haven't checked my mail box in a while..."
Opened mail box
TWO letters!!
"Must be bills again..."
But envelopes weren't the usual white ones tho
Bubble wrapped brown envelope addressed to ME!!
"Hmm...familiar handwriting..."
Turns to the back of envelope
"I KNOW this ADDRESS!!!!"
Now grinning from ear to ear
"I wonder what's in it"
Rushes home to open it
Any guesses anyone?
Hint: it starts with C and ends with a D!! lol =p

This sounds so you can see my mind is drained from all the essays, presentations, reports etc I can't even construct proper sentences anymore. One more major assignment and portfolio before exams! Yikes!

Back to the surprise. Don't need to crack your head simply is just a CD!!! Thanks to my best friend YONG MAY who took time to compile the pictures and videos of things that has been happening back home. It's nice to see familiar faces doing funny things...saying funny things...being their funny self...gah this is making me miss you guys even more nowwwwww!!!!!

I MISS YOU GUYS!!! miss you even more Ms LEOW YONG MAY!!!!!!!!!!

So yea, surprise surprise...I LOVE SURPRISES!!!! *hint hint* hehe =p

Speaking of surprises...I'm now in a wedding shock/surprise syndrome. LOL. Ever since I left msia, all I'm hearing are wedding bells! THREE friends getting married this year, 2 next year and one more just got engaged!! With the amount of weddings coming up, friends over here think it's some sort of norm to get married young in malaysia. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who got married/got engaged/getting married, though not all of you would be reading this...but to YOU who are/is/gonna!!! Best wishes to you and your other half (:

So...who's next?


Yong May said...

Yay! I'm glad to make your day! More to come!!! *wink *wink

eunice said...

LOVED IT!! thanks heaps! it came in timely (: misssss youuuuuuuuuuuu!!