Wednesday, September 24, 2008

guess who?

ever taken a picture...upload it to your computer...view it...only to realize something else was included in the picture unintentionally? or in some cases, someone else was included!

say for instance this picture...

i know you've prolly seen the picture before. it's no dejavu. i'm just posting it again!! =p so read on...if you haven't skipped it already >.<
So yea, one of the two stranger boys were looking into the camera!

Now, having strangers appear in your pictures aren't really surprising. People do pass by and you don't always have the whole place to yourself just to take a nice picture don't you. But what about the next one?

lovely picture taken by lovely girl (a.k.a. yours truly...hehe)...and there you have, another person in the background. This time, not a stranger...turns out he's a friend!! How random is that?

Now, take a look at the next picture...

a lil blurry but you should be able to get what i mean...
Alright, let me recap. First you have strangers in your picture. Then you have people you think are strangers but when you look closely enough, they turn out to be someone you know. So what do you think I'm trying to say for the picture above? you tell me what you think of the person in the background =p

how weird is that??


yong may said...

That's you!!!! Hehehe.
Hang in there buddy. I'm coming soon and we'll loads and loads of FUN!

eunice said... think so too huh?'s NOT!!!

hahaha =p

yong may said...

Eh? Not you ah? But it looks like you! Hahahaha.