Saturday, September 20, 2008


im' sure everyone's used to seeing the sun rise or the sun setting.

but what about moon rising? most of the time by the time the sun sets the moon is already high up in the sky.

i am just sooo amazed by God's creation. is just sooo awesome!!!!!

on my way back the other day, as usual...we were walking...looking up into the sky...seeing many many bright stars. but one thing was signs of the moon. i couldn't be hidden by any clouds cos the sky was just sooo clear that nite.

then from afar, a bright hemisphere-like light came up from one of the rooftops far away. it was HUGEEEEEEEEE...and the most awesomest sight i'd say. it was almost 10 in the night and the moon was just about to rise. the view was just breath taking!!! i think my friends were shocked by my "sua-ku-ness"...but it was just sooooo amazing!!!! slowly the moon rose into the sky.

if only i could capture the moment on the camera...but this is the best i've got.

it's lil things like this that amazes me. knowing how BIG and awesome our God is gives me the strength and purpose to go on in life despite the petty things in life.

now that we're on that, i can't thank God enough for His favour upon me. day in and out i've seen His miraculous blessings and favour upon my life which i am just so grateful of. as i've mentioned before, i've started my ward allocations and everyone was just talking about how uninviting the nursing staff or supervisor dietitians are...especially from those who've gone through the ward orientations and interviewing patients etc...

amazingly tho, when i did mine, i just knew God was there with me. the nurse clerk was super nice. my supervisor is super nice too and i could just see that it's all in God's hands. this is what's been keeping me goin, knowing that God is with me in all my stress and situations.

truly You are my strength, strength like no other, strength like no other that reaches to me!

YOU are my strength
strength like no other
strength like no other
reaches to me

YOU are my hope
hope like no other
hope like no other
reaches to me

in the fullness of YOUR grace
in the power of YOUR name
YOU lift me up
YOU lift me up

unfailing love
stronger than mountains
deeper than oceans
reaches to me

reaches to the heavens
YOUR faithfulness
reaches to the skies

-reuben morgan-


Ale said...

Super true! Thank God for His grace upon you ey!!! :)

Love ya *hug*


eunice said...


love ya toooooo!!!!


i love the moon tooooooooooo!!!!

haha like i've got no words of my own =p