Sunday, November 23, 2008


my dreams are soo weird and random. slept late last nite so i came home after church and found myself falling straight into sleep right on my desk! which i then snuggled into my bed and slept. it sure is a cold day tho nearing summer. feels like winter all over again. boo hoo hoo...

so i was in this dream. at an ice-cream shop...wanting to get some ice-cream. but for some reason that guy wouldn't make me what i want! so filled with dissatisfaction i went to the manager to complain. surprisingly, at that time when i was in that shop they were having some kind of staff there were plenty of ppl in unifrom in that place. weird...i know. when are my dreams ever not weird? huhuhu >.<

so after i complained, the manager was gonna bust that guy's butt off!! hehe...she even asked me to come along. so off i went...but when walking towards the guy that was so gonna get fired...for some reason i don't know why we added up trying to avoid him. so we ran through some pretty interesting 'secret' route but he caught up. with that fiery scary look on his face he came up to me and asked me what was up. shaking and terrified (mind you he was a big muscular guy okay)...the manager grabbed me and hid me behind her (the kinda action someone would do when protecting the other). then he yelled, who is she? what did you tell her?and in my trembling voice i said 'she's my grandmother' (the manager was quite elderly - one really strong elderly person one might add)..hmm where was i..right, 'she's my grandmother's sister's daugther's, husband's cousin's mother'. something like that, can't rmb what i said exactly not even sure why i said that. but it was so that he'd think we're somewhat related and i was complaining about him...think he bought it? well not until i cried and we both hugged tightly. awww how sweet. yea alright, i believe you. no one would ever be able to make that relation up and those tears are purely real. weird is that?

a whole drama just cos i couldn't get my ice-cream.

perhaps subconsciously it had something to do with me losing one side of my earring this morning *sobs* almost lost one the other day in the shower. if i lose that i'd cry!!!! cos those were from my mum...but thankfully it didn't drop straight into the hole =p i know i get really attached to my things. so it'd take me awhile before i feel alright about it being lost. farewell my lovely earring. you have made me feel pretty! haha =p

i know...i'm crazy!! that's cos tmr is my last paper!!!! wahahaHAHAhahaha...just one more and in about 20 hours and i'm done with exams!!!!!! woohoooo!!!

so ne ne ne ne ne ne

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