Saturday, November 15, 2008

lub-dup lub-dup

i've finally finished PART of my assignment. haha not really finished at all but i'm glad at my progress (:

had enough of maternal and child nutrition for now. it's Sarah's bday!!! time to par-tay!!!!

while waiting for my ride...

everyone seems to be in a baking mood. two of my housemates were baking today. and he is making that tiramisu he promised (finally)! woohoo. good in terms of the pleasant baking aroma the whole day (and one tiramisu sitting in the fridge) but bad in terms of the calories and fat content!!!! think amount of butter and cheeeese and creeeaaaaaamm... ooo guilty guilty!

today, i shall declare double-triple-quadruple dessert day!!! wahahaHAHAhaah

( -_______- ) --> fatty me

huahuahua >.<

well, it's the pre-exam pleasure. no harm in that rite? i'll work it off after the exams. i will. i shall. i must!!

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