Friday, November 07, 2008

small world

it's amazing how everyone is somehow connected.

but that's not what i'm gonna talk about tho. i'm sure everyone knows at some level your friend may be someone else's friend...boy/ cousin...friend's boy/girlfriend...friend's brother/sister...friend's cousin...etc...i'm sure you get the drift...

back to what i wanted to rant about today.'s funny how you may think you know a person all your life yet there are many surprises you come to know about and are perhaps even yet to find out...

that's not today's story either.

it's amazing how people can be all in the know about your belief yet chose not to follow suit just cos they wanna be different.

that's still not what i want to talk about tho...

too many random thoughts.

right, let's just get to it now...

...all my lectures are over now. just have to work on an assignment before my exams which starts on the 18th! that's less then 2 weeks!!! can't wait for 24th when it's all over! time really flies! even day by day when i wake up in the morning and the next thing i know, the sun has set and it's night and prolly already early next morning!

that again wasn't the actual story...but i'm getting there =p

woke up early this morning despite not having any lectures as i wanted to attend the omega 3 symposium which was at the state library. and since it was in the city, we decided to 'hang out' for a lil while longer before we head back home. friend wanted to buy gifts home but we stopped by borders before that.

now this is where it all happened...

so there we were, looking at books etc when my friend had found something but it was the last copy and not in such a good condition. so off she went to ask if there were any new ones. so there i was, alone and looking/browsing through other things in the was then i realize something. so i was looking at some of the poster calendars (which had cute dowgies and koalas and pandas etc)...then i was walking aimlessly waiting for my friend to come back. i'd stop and look at whatever that interest me and continued to do that the whole time while waiting. then i realize someone who apparently seems to be looking at the same things i've been looking at...sometimes just a lil further...but going wherever i've been going. now i thought i shouldn't be so paranoid about it. but it gets a lil freaky when that guy start to mumble things when he'd walk pass me. i looked up and realize he was looking my way and when he realized i was looking his way he quickly turned away. i'd walk somewhere else and there he was still...within close proximity. walking from one end to the other having someone do the same and eyeing on you...i'm definite something's not right. thankfully my friend came back. she was still looking for a few other things while i told her about the freaky guy. so off we went doing our own things, and there he was still...hanging around wherever we were. my friend then looked right into his eyes and prolly did some lazer shooting "get lost before i kill you" kinda look and off he went and never did he come back.

*phew* now that was a lil freaky. people can just be so weird!

well, that's all for now. nothing can get more interesting in Adelaide, can it? =p


Ale said...



ish. so scary. you better take good care of yourself ya? don't go places alone and all. you know la, since so many random people LOVE coming up to talk to you for no apparent reason O_O hehehehe


eunice said... online ah?

hehe...yeap wont wanna go anywhere alone...but i wasn't alone to start with...need a body guard!!! any contacts? huhu >.<