Sunday, February 22, 2009

It’s time…

…to update! there ain’t any more excuses (other than pure laziness) =p can’t believe how fast time flies! it’s almost the end of feb already! and it’s been 6 weeks since i came back to adelaide!

I’m so not into the blogging mode anymore. took me the whole afternoon just to write that first paragraph. well, not the whole afternoon to construct it but rather that’s just all that i wrote and never came back to write more. I think I just have too much to say now that i’ve left this place for over a few months. takes a lil ‘getting use to’ time to kick start this again.

so yea, despite the initial plan of just staying on to work during the summer hols, i went back home! i told no one…not even my best friend! well cos i wanted to surprise her! if only i caught that moment on video! *screeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmssss* gah, i miss you miss leow!!! *bigbighuggiez* oh and thanks to my trusty accomplice who made the surprise a success (:

so i was back for about a month and much has happened within that week. i have told the story soooo many times yet i’m still gonna tell it again! anything to boast about God’s greatness!! if you haven’t been told about how it all started or have no clue as to what i’m talking about, just read on. beware of a very lengthy entry of my testimony of God’s miracle in my life (: if you have, feel free to stop reading =p

it was months ago (bout 4-5 months) that i started to realize my left calf was getting bigger. slightly bigger than my right but i tot i was just getting fatter (which is true…the getting fatter part) but yea…didn’t think it was anything serious even as it progressively got bigger. There wasn’t any significant pain or it didn’t feel any different so i just ignored it. here i was, leaving my everyday life like every other day. months came to weeks and weeks to days as i was counting down the day i was flying home (:

before i knew it, i was on the airplane, squashed between 2 humungous ppl to my transit in spore and a nice spacious 45min flight back home. I couldn’t believe i was back! in msia! after 9 months and 21 days! aite, i’ll just try to get to my point. so the ‘swelling’ of my calf looked more obvious, especially after the long flight. mum said that i should just go to the doctor to see if there’s anything wrong with it. Came back 2nd dec, saw the doc 4th dec. in measurements, my left calf was 3 cm bigger in diameter than my right. then i was referred to an orthopedic surgeon and was told to do 3 things: a blood test (ewww…i hate needles), an ultrasound and a MRI. blood test was done that day itself but i had to go to another hosp to do my scans. hmmm this is getting too wordy. let’s continue in another way.

9th Dec, Tues

  • ultrasound and MRI done
  • went back to see the specialist
  • on the way to see him, was told not to eat/drink anymore
  • was also told that i’m to be admitted (i think it was at this point i started to freaakkk ouutt!)
  • saw the specialist and was told that there’s a tumour in my muscle and that my whole muscle was to be removed! (as tho i’m not freaked out enough)
  • was told to do the surgery that night! (at this point my emotions were just purely numbed out)
  • wheeled in for surgery (all i rmb from that night was that i could only see the ceiling when i was wheeled into the theatre, where i saw more bright white lights. heard people talking to each other. heard the anesthetist telling me that she was injecting something and that i’d feel a cooling sensation from where she injected and…went blank)
  • woke up to the voices calling out my name time and time again. the surgery was a success. all done in 2 hours and 15 minutes. was just drowsy the whole night so i slept through til dawn

gosh, so much actually happened within this day!

10 Dec, Wed
  • had a few visitors, with flowers and fruits! thank you all for visiting. and for all your prayer and support (:
11 Dec, Thurs
  • discharged and went home (:
  • wait for biopsy report on tues (16th dec)
16 Dec, Tues
  • surgeon was away. saw his sifu. report came back normal! (what a relief it was to hear that. felt a huge load of burden lifted)
23 Dec, Tues
  • appointment with the surgeon who just came back (now here’s where it all begins again)
  • he wasn’t happy with the report. explained that there was no tumour to begin and the biopsy only showed some scar tissue. so, his concerns were: if there wasn’t any tumour, why did he removed my muscle? or did he remove the right muscle? did the other specialist diagnosed correctly? is it still inside? (and of course, upon receiving such news…how else would one react? especially after all that i’ve been goin through so far…*speechless*)
  • i would believe that it is God’s miraculous work in my life
  • so, i was scheduled for another scan on the 26th (all the waiting for results is killing me!!!) to make sure and clear everyone’s concerns
26 Dec, Fri
  • done 2nd MRI
  • wait for results and doc’s advice tmr!
27 Dec, Sat
  • finally, everything is cleared! doc couldn’t explain where the tumour went. it was definitely God’s miraculous work in my life!

Thank you God, for your miraculous healing and speedy recovery, the strength You gave me daily, to overcome all fear and ‘surprises’, for all the peace and comfort You gave me. Thank you mummy and daddy *bigbighuggiez* for being there for me and supporting me in every way! Thank you for helping me from all the smallest and simple requests and always being there with me through all the waits and visits to the doc. Thank you mummy for all the nights you spent in the hospital with me. Thank you koko for being such a great brother who looks after his lil sister *bigbighuggiez* Thank you alebear for your prayers and encouragement from million of miles away. Thank you Yong May for being there in the morning when i woke up after the surgery. Thank you for driving me around and coming over to my place just to chill and catch up (: There’s just so many ppl to thank and appreciate ad it’s gonna take me forever to thank everyone personally here. know that you mean as much to me and i can’t thank you all enough. so this is to everyone: A special BIG THANK YOU for all your prayers and support *bigbighuggiez* (: may God bless you all!


yong may said...

You don't even need to mention it lerr.... I did it because you're the bestest friend I've ever had!!!

Indeed it's really God's miracle upon your life! Indeed, our God is a God who heals and who is really real!!!

Take care ya now that your mummy is home. You'll be fine. :)
Missing you as always...

yong may said...

You're very welcome buddy! It was great having you back home! and yes, i won't forget the surprise you gave me! *screams!* Haha.

Indeed, our God is so so good. Our God truly heals and is truly REAL!

Anyway, be strong and take care ya? Now that your mummy is home. But i'm sure you'll be fine...

Missing you as always...

eunice said...

It was great to be back home!!! I am sooo missing you right now! never know...might just give you another surprise again. someday, somehow =p

yup...i'll be fine. I've got God on my side (:

anticipating more crazy moments with youuuuuuuuu! you take good care too yea! and keep me updated! huhuhu >.<

yong may said...

Ei? How come got 2 similar posts? hmm... lousy internet.

Yesssss!!!!! Please surprise me more often! Once isn't enough! Hehe

Yeah... will definitely keep you updated. :)

eunice said...

hahAHahhaah...i also dunno why =p but yea don't we all love surprises! can't wait to strike up another or be striked at =p