Friday, March 27, 2009

Extremely happily excited XD

As most of you would have known from my ‘digitally-happy’ proclamation, I have been sooo stoked the past few days!


Reason #1

I’ve got tics to the colour conference!!! Soo excited about it!!Thanks SARAH ANG!!!! *bighuggiez*

Reason #2

I’ve got free tics to a concert (which was yesterday). Dhafer Youssef, a middle eastern guy who brought music of the east and west together with bits of jazz improvisations (this is the only reason why i was attracted to it) and it was awesome!! Haven’t gone for these kinda events in a lonnnggg time. Loving it!

Reason #3

Someone’s coming to adelaide!! and not just for a visit…but not sure exactly how long he’d be here tho (funny how everyone seems to ask that immediately but it never crossed mine…guess i’m just excited someone’s finally coming to adelaide and not perth or melbourne =p) Can’t wait can’t wait!

Reason #4

Not only my parents but my BROTHER will be coming for my graduation! (gahhh i miss my family - *bigbighuggiez* to my daddy, mummy and koko bear dearest)

Reason #5

First rotation for my placements is a free slot! This is actually the basis of reasons #1-4. Therefore, if it wasn’t for this reason, reasons #1-4 wouldn’t have happened. Oh but excluding reason #2 cos I’d get the free tics anyhow =p This free rotation allowed me to do soo much…even more than the whole of last year!! I’m thankful and blessed for this blessing in disguise (:

So there you go. Reasons to why I’m extremely happily excited!!!


Ale said...

WERT. you no want ppl come to Perth -___-"

That aside, I'm happy for you Mr. Bear. Rmbr to take care always and all praise belongs to our Father in Heaven yes? HEHE. (I sound like Ah Eng CHI CHI de) LOL *BIG HUG* :)

eunice said...

WAhhh so fast you comment! i just posted it only =p

ey no lah i don't mean i dn't wan ppl to go perth! what i meant is like while i'm here in adelaide...ppl decide to go you (perth)...someone else (melbourne) hahaha =p

yups i'll take care. truly all praise and glory and thanks belong to our Father in Heaven (: (hehehe yeaaaa sounds soo like ah eng chi chi =p)


yong may said...