Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spidey attack!

DIE you stupid spiders!

Arrgghhh. Each one’s bigger than the last one!

Wonder what’s in my room that attract those spiders. gggrrrrr!!!!

Probably the other rooms just smell too badly they cldn’t stand it haha =p maybe they dislike a particular scent! (lol…some of you may know what i mean there=p)

but seriously, DIE you stupid spiders!!!! go and invade somewhere else, even if it’s in the hallway or common area…anywhere but my ROOM!!!!!!!


Ale said...

this is evil. huhuhuhu *beats backsai*

eunice said...

but seriously leh...they keep coming into my room!!! ggggrrrrrrr...alebearyyyy you use ur spidey power to tell them NOT to go into eunz room kay? hehe (: