Thursday, March 12, 2009

Switchfoot (:

As you could probably tell, from the number of posts and youtube links...I'm in the library right now. Not having to keep an eye on the mbs, here I am youtube-ing and downloading stuffs (apart from my journals as well tho...this is what I call multitasking!!! =p). Anyway, those of you back home might have seen it on tv but as far as I remember I wasn't home then BUT I'm proud to say that I was actually THERE at the concert! woohoo!! ahhh sweet memories (: spot me if you can, cos I can't but we were standing quite close to the front =p Gah, din realize there was actually 5 parts to it. I've only managed to see the first two. Boo hoo...I wanna see switchfoot all over again (: SFSFSF!!!

Anyhoos, enjoy (:


yongmay said...

Street Fighter! Street Fighter! Street Fighter!


eunice said...

lol...street fighter!
kat kat ka rat kat! a bu gen! ning nang kick!