Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just got my research timetable from my topic coordinator.

Gah, don’t you just hate it when they tell you things at the very last minute? We’ve been asking what and how we should prepare…what are the things we need to do etc…her reply would be don’t worry too much about it now. When the time comes you’ll be informed…and ONLY NOW (3 days before we commence) did she say we’ve got a DETAILED proposal to hand in a week’s time. I could have discussed this with my supervisor weeks before if I’ve known how much depths they wanted. Grrrrr…i just HATE how they keep everything from you until a few days before it.

HATE how biased they are as well (won’t even go there in case the fumes coming out of me sets the fire alarm off…)



yong may said...

Hang in there buddy. I feel you. You'll get through it. God is guiding you all the way :)

eunice said...

thanks bestie!!! yea I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (:

missinggg yaaaa heaaapppsss!!!