Friday, September 04, 2009

Freaking out…

It’s not that I’m sticking my nose wanting to find out but the news just comes to you. They just come to you and tell you straight, either of their own or of others who failed clinical placement. This is pretty scary! About 20 students from rotation 1 and 2 have failed their clinical placement. That failure rate is relatively HIGH!

Lord, I ask of your favour and help and guidance and strength and wisdom as I begin my clinical placement in 2 weeks!



Ale said...

you can do it pear! you are VICTORIOUS! :) amen & amen :)


eunice said...

chang q peary!!!!!


yongmay said...

Yeah! God is with you wherever you go!
Triumph with God! :)

eunice said...

awww...thanks heaps bestie! *bigbighuggiez*