Sunday, November 29, 2009

To my dearest

Can’t believe how fast time flies! Seriously, a year has come and gone. Can’t believe how long I’ve not seen you. Listening to sounds alike reminds me of you. Looking at others enjoying the times together like we used to daily makes me envious and wish so badly you were right here right now!

All my life, you were there to confide me. When I was down, you made me feel better by letting me express myself. In happy times, you accentuated my joy. When I was bored and restless, you never failed to be there. Somehow, your companion reflected my moods, as though you knew the background melodies to all situations of my life, just like in the movies.

Especially at this time of the year, where Christmas is just around the corner, the carols and Christmassy songs, in particular the jazzy ones makes me miss you oh soooo much!


Won’t be seeing you this Christmas but I’ll be seeing you again soon. Be good and wait for me (tho it’s highly unlikely you could be anywhere else =p)


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