Monday, November 02, 2009

Waste not, want not

If only we could get rid of the excess baggage or ‘muffin top’ and direct it to where we’d one them to go specifically. Now opposing to the most common augmentation procedure of liposuctions and implants, there is a way to have that ‘natural’ look, with no scars and no incisions. Seems kinda promising doesn’t it?

Here’s how crazy it gets. Intentionally packing on extra pounds by a high fat diet like cheeseburgers and fries (your typical fast food meal). It just teases my mind thinking about the great measures people go to get their ‘ideal’ outlook appearance. I mean after all, we do age and . Some argue that it builds their confidence in being out there but would you still consider augmenting how God created you – wonderfully and uniquely YOU?

Imagine what the world would be if everyone put that much of effort they do in getting that ‘ideal’ look into working on their ‘hearts’. We as humans never get contented with what we have…and when things don’t go our way, we question or blame everyone but ourselves or even God as to why we have to go through what we went through, the ugly side of life. How then could we look at the ‘bigger picture’ of God’s greatness?

Instead of dwelling and wallowing in self-pity, stop and think how fortunate you actually are. Count your blessings!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but my those moments that take your breath away.”

Look back and appreciate the simplest things in life – life itself, when we wake up in the morning and are still breathing, for the joints and limbs that are intact, that we could stand on both feet and walk/jump/hop/crawl/do the twist…

…hmmm don’t know how exactly I got to this but just a thought. I guess the next time we complain or murmur, stop and think about the great things in life ~ the blessings, the gifts, the hope we have in Him. Have a blessed week ahead and don’t forget to smile (:

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