Sunday, April 18, 2004

Too many emotions rushing through my blood at the same time...

Yes...indeed...there is excitement yet anxiety, love, hate and annoyance. How can one cope with such contrasting emotions at once? Sighh...I don't know why I've been thinking so much these days. Had a couple of sleepless nights recently thoughout this week. Kinda annoying feeling so sleepy and all then getting all ready to jump into bed only finding yourself wide awake. Just too many things running through my head. From driving to finding a place to stay to starting coll after such a long break to past memories.

Had lots of dreams bout my late grandpa 2 days in a row too. Gosh i miss him so much. Missing granny too...can't wait for her to get back from taiping then can go visit her.

Feeling excited at the moment bout my new room. Been trying to imagine what it's gonna look like in the end with the furniture and all. A lil worried at times bout not being able to adapt to staying on my own on weekdays when coll begins in may. Just 2 more weeks and I'll be there. Ahhh...kinda freaky but yet excited haha.

Feeling all worried and anxious bout my driving test this coming wed. One last lesson tomorrow with my weird yet funny instructor. Hhmm...I guess I'll write in here all that has happened in the past few lessons just for me to remember cos I know I'll forget in the mere future. Limited memory capasity in my brain. Oh well on my very first lesson, was a lil scared though. But my instructor was really funny. First he taught me those basics of where the accelerator, brake n clutch was. How to change gears yada yada yada...and then i was in the driver's seat driving. The things he asked and talk about were out of contacts but left a hilarious memory in me haha. Things we talked about:
- why am i so fair?
- do i have a bf?
- do i want one? he wanted to intro me some of his other students...goodness
- houses (driving in housing areas) offered to buy me one it seems haha
- cars (well at least technically this has something to do with driving...i'm in one)

Next few lessons were not so normal too. There was once it was really a hot afternoon. So hot yet still he doesn't wanna turn the aircond higher and complaining how hot it is to the point he actually asked if he could wear SHORTS next time. How am I suppose to be answering that?

Ok enough about the driving lah. I actually can't remember what else happened :-Þ

I guess it's enough for today. Have been blabberring too much already. In fact I actually can't remember what I've been saying earlier...goodness...need to work on my memory!!!!

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