Monday, April 19, 2004

I'm bored

Well, I'm here again. Realizing how much time i have left before coll begins, I'm gonna make every second of it into some use haha. Just reflecting on what happened today...well yesterday actually. Song leader wanted to try out a new remix version of more love more power of the WOW worship album. Yea, the one that sounds like new age music. During practice it sounded ok but on that day itself, wasn't such a success. But oh well, it's the heart of worship that matters.

After service had lunch with those involved in the easter play. Went to BK and ate that yummy mushroom swiss. Aahhh...niceeee!!! On the way back home after lunch, heard a tremendous outragous unbelievable track in James' car. It was really xtremely good!!! How on earth could normal humans achieve those kinda standards mannn...too bad I've already forgotten the name of that superb piano player. Actually mainly cos i didn't really catch the name in the first place but have already be pardoning myself repeatedly. So just nodded and went along haha!! Felt kinda bad though...not directing him fast enough to turn whichever direction.

Driving lessons has been postponed to tuesday now. Sigh. But oh well, hope all goes well especially my test!!

Okayz, time to stop before i go on babbling nonsense.

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