Monday, May 24, 2004

Yipee dee yeayyy!!!

Yups…I finally got my modem properly installed and my com is free of whatever silly bug or virus or whatever (for now) and I’m connected to the internet now. YEAY…so much for the “away from the world of technology” for all these times I’ve been here in cheras. Everything seems to be a-okay. The server in campus is also up and ready to be used anytime. Pretty much settled down over here I guess. Only one thing that’s been happening for the past 4 days in a row…a sudden cut of electricity. For some reason, the whole area where I’m living has several power cuts on and off. Hopefully the sub unit/ sub power house or whatever it’s called doesn’t break down. Don’t wanna be living in total darkness at night all alone. Yikes…that’s scaryyyyyyy!!! (praying real hard it doesn’t happen)

Woke up early this morning thinking I have plenty of time to cook breakfast and get ready for class later. Usually I’ll start walking half an hour before class so I can take my time to walk to coll. Forgetting that my class today was in the new campus, I took my own sweet time. It was after I came out of my shower that I remembered class was in the new campus and I’d had to take the shuttle bus. Thing is the shuttle bus only picks us once every hour, which in my case it comes every hourly from 7:30am daily. Class starts at 11:30 and since I had already missed the 10:30 bus…I’m wayyyyyy late for class. I was half an hour late!! What a way to start a new week. But was still in time as the lecturer just started a lil of the lesson. Didn’t miss much. (hehe…yessssss)

Had my first chemistry lab today. It was kinda easy as it was more of a repetitive work. Did 2 labs today which we already did in pre-U so we actually finished it ahead of time. It was during the lab that I heard someone calling my lect Dr. Chan…the person that I’ve been looking for all this while for some signing of some important documents. All this while I thought Dr. Chan was a guy and not knowing that SHE was my CHEM LECTURER!!! Haha…she was right in front of me all this while. Next time I should make sure that I get all my lecturer’s name right and remember them. Been running around coll looking for Dr. Chan who doesn’t seem to be in her office whenever I’m looking for her. Well at least now I know who she is. Still can’t believe I was looking for someone I thought I never knew who happens to be someone I already known. No wonder she wasn’t in her office every time I rush out to find her after her classes.

Since lab ended earlier, went to have a drink with some friends just to fellowship and get to know each other better. Went to buy some groceries after that. Walking back wouldn’t be that tiring if I didn’t had my files and bag to carry along with those groceries but it was a good exercise for me…haha…me exercising? Muahahaha…Each time I walk back I’d pass a playground. And yes…I see swings. Felt like sitting on it just now but there were ppl and some kids around. Wouldn’t wanna be “fighting” for swings from lil children..right? Maybe next time. I’d have plenty of other times to sit and swing myself high in the sky to my hearts content. (hahaha) Then I can go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... endlessly...wahahahahaha


Anonymous said...

Gees, Mr. Man! NO wonder you entered my Calculus class just now lar. So funny lar the blurry look on your face when you suddenly 'POPped' out of no where. HAHAHa. I was waving at you for quite sometime till you realised. =) LOL. I was actually late for Calculus today de lar. About 20 mins late. MAna tau, you were later. Hehe. TAk sangka your lecturer's pretty s..l..o..w uh? 20 mins de baru start class. SIGHHHHHHHH. Too bad didn't really get to 'talk' to you today. Anyways, MuAxxxXXxx ! =)

eunice said...

hehe..yealar...sadness rite? late late late...hahaha:-Þ
didn't see u waving ler...until when i glanced at u for a while...haha:-Þ tot why suddenly so many ppl wan my class hahahaha...rupanya not mine..but urs haha...