Sunday, May 23, 2004

...and so, I drove to church today! Haha...was kinda scary at first...actually still kinda scared the whole journey but I guess I wasn't the only one feeling that way. Mum would have probably been more terrified than me rather. She was really quiet the whole journey. If I was in her shoes, I'd probably be freaking out too!! Hehe..that kinda reminds me of the first time I sat in "someone's" car. Haha...but her driving skills super keng wan lah. Reverse no need look behind wan. Hehe but that was last time lah. Now very hebat de...right? right? Haha *winks*

Had 3 sessions of music prac one after another today. 2 of which was for the up and coming parents' day that we'd be having next sun. Yes our favourite dearest Mr. Perfectionist is songleading! Had to had different session as the musicians couldn't make it at the same time. One of the songs were "Made Me Glad" by Miriam Webster. Try translating it to BM...he had to point that out:-P haha...oh well anywayz it was fun since I haven't been running my fingers on my piano these days. If only there were portable pianos or atleast if they were as handy as a guitar. Missed my piano so much. Actually I kinda miss those piano lessons days. I kinda miss my piano teacher. Hehe...her ringy melodious voice who can be stern at times though and my oh my...the time she takes to "lecture" you on your lack of finger work and practice can take up the whole session. But yet I miss her. I had learnt a WHOLE lot from her. IF not for her I would have gave up piano long time ago.

Seems to me that I've been missing quite alot of ppl everyday. Hmm...wonder if those I'm missing are missing me too? Haha...Oh well, all I can do for them now is to constantly remember them in my prayers daily and hope all's well for them!!


Anonymous said...

ME again! (aiyo, summore who lar?) HEhehe. Eyyyyyyyyyyyy, who were you refering to in that driving incident you mentioned ar?? =P YEayyyyyyyyy, MR. Man can drive de. Wey, when are you gonna drive me around ar? Faster lar. I wanna sit 'roller-coaster'. HAha. Okie lar. All that was pure crap.
I MISSSSSSSSSS YOU LOADS, too, Mr. Eun eltrut! That is if you're missing me, too! HAHah=)

eunice said... man?? hahahahahahaha...haven't heard that (the genuine wan) since we left penang haha...hhmm i wonder who i was referring to...FORGOT de lah...wahahahaha:-Þ
ey missing u loads too ler...we're so near yet so far...aihhhh