Saturday, June 05, 2004

fun? yeay...nah...ermm...hhmm..

Class was FUN today. So far I always have fun during bio class. Just love my lecturer. He’s so funny and somehow he just makes the class interesting and alive. We were learning bout our immunity system and somehow we got into some real life stories bout how food is prepared. Don’t worry for I won’t be going into details…just the gist of the interesting story he told us. We were discussing bout how our immunity would fight cancer yada yada yada…and he remembered a story. Some guy working in some fast food restaurant wrote in to the star papers saying that they use the oil (esp those of which we get our yummy French fries) for TWO days. They’re recycling the oil obviously to save cost. Knowing that when oil is constantly reused numerous times, there’s a certain smell. So what they do is that they put in some powder in which would remove the smell in order to reuse the oil over and over again. For a fast food chain to reuse the oil for TWO days…that’s terrible. Still feel like eating those French fries? And it’s said that frozen fries when put into hot oil immediately produces a substance (which I forgot what’s it called) but I remember it’s cancerous. Guess I’ll stick to boiled or steamed potatoes. Better still to just stay away from it…since it’s high in carbohydrates anyway. Actually not only these fast food chains that reuse the oils. Even those ppl who sells their pisang goreng or ham chin peng (heng chee peng…hahahaha:-Þ) or even those selling lobak, yaw char kui etc…they also reuse their oil over and over again. Not that we can’t be eating any of this food stuff anymore but just not everyday. But then again, anything in excess isn’t good for our body.

Just found out something rather interesting (added with lots of gross-ness) earlier in bio class. It’s not something new but …well better late than never. Probably those who live in seremban would know. It was said that it happened in some mamak called Roy’s Corner or something like that. Some lady went to the place, eating roti canai. So she wanted more of the dall but she was told it’s finish. She went to the place where they place all their food and gravy and all. Truly the dall’s finished but she noticed something peculiar. She scooped it out and found out that there was a sanitary napkin…not just an ordinary one…but a USED one…eee gross. And people go back there time and time again because of that. No not because it’s yummy but they use that as a charm. Something like the bomoh needed undergarments or rather blood to do her voodoo or whatsoever to lure back customers to that place. EEEEEWWWWWWW…I wonder why of all things it had to be a used sanitary napkin. G-R-O-S-S. This is beyond imagination. Eeeeeeeeeee…..yuck yuck yuck *vomits*

I’ve lots more of these but I’ll spare you all from it.

Wish I’m back home now…but oh well, I’m ok with staying here…except from the fact that there’s no streamyx and astro and lovely parents and everything I have back home and not here. Miss my parquet and marble floor back home. Hey…cemented floor getting smoother…YEAY!! Miss my PIANO!!! The only time I’m running my fingers are on the computer keyboard. SIGH…listening to a rather sad song…currently in a “missing-everyone-i-love” mood. Music can really affect one’s mood. Better change to some “happier” song. Talking bout music…or noise in tune…last night the guy who always serenades at night and the people who always chants had a battle. Both trying to drown each other. Can’t help it…I’m staying right in the middle of both of them. Realized that the guy only plays in G and all the family chords of G…and the way he sings…it’s like he’s praying accompanied by chords in the key of G. Kinda funny…and the triangle sound at the end of the chant…is the most annoying of all.

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