Thursday, June 03, 2004

Hmm…today…today…today…was yet another ordinary day. Woke up early to meet up with group mates to finish up our assignment which we needed to present next week. After much hurrying and tedious compilation work, we were only told that it’s not due til next MONTH!! Oh well, at least that is almost done and we don’t have to worry bout it until a month after!! Work loads seem to pile up now. Tests coming up for most subjects...more due dates approaching... Come to think of it, it’s already MID year and it’s almost a month since I started classes. Looking back, time really flew like a rocket blasting off to outer space.

Chemistry classes were a drag. Was jumping for joy when my lect called the day off. Couldn’t really be jumping as I was having a bad headache…and I have to walk back home…UNDER THE HOT SUN!!!! Was practically walking back half asleep. My eyes were only half open, feeling such excruciating pain in my head I couldn’t really focus on where I was walking. Almost got hit by a lorry but I saw “clearly” that the lorry was goin straight on but it suddenly decided to take a detour, towards me but by God’s grace I arrived home in ONE piece.

Parents are up in Fraser’s now for our church camp. Sadly I couldn’t join them as I have classes tomorrow and bio lab which I can’t afford to miss…so here I am in my lil place glued to the com writing this nonsensical blog and listening to some interesting music.

Last night my landlord came over to collect the rent (obviously…otherwise what would he be doing here) anywayz, apparently I found out he doesn’t know how to sms. Well may be understandable but he doesn’t know how to receive his voice mail msgs as well? Funny, yet he still has his handphone…just for phone calls I guess. I wonder what he does when he receives a sms? *wonders off into deep thoughts of nothing relating*

YEAY…yongmay’s getting married!!! *oopss* did I say something? *runs and hides*

Sigh I miss my best bud soooo much. Had a great time chatting with her earlier in the afternoon when I was in the com lab. SSsshhhHHhh…I didn’t say com lab.

ΞΠζδψφЊЋЖшђҸљפװصط ؟לعњфﻁﺚﻭﷲШ(lost IN words………)

*runs and hides* lots of flying things flying around....some i've never seen before in my entire life. wonder where they come from...aarrghhh those flying lil creatures are annoying!!!! one just flew right across me...aarrrghhhhhhhhh *runs for cover* *nah...looks for something to kill the flying thingy...somehow...*


Anonymous said...

no i'm not getting married..... from ym

eunice said...

oklah...not sooner then later loh...right right?? hahaha:-Þ

Anonymous said...

Ale: Hahaha. Yeah, your landlord has a phone to call and receive calls. Your mobile is a mobile that has a phone. Uh? Haha.
Sigh. So, I guess I wouldn't be seeing you around these few days till Mon eh? Should follow me back to PD. Then, you wouldn't be all alone ere in KL. Hehe. Huggie wuggies, missing you de.