Thursday, June 10, 2004

*winky winks*

The day started off with a “not-so-well” beginning. Was rather running late and had to literally run to coll to be sure I don’t miss the bus. I couldn’t afford to miss the bus because then I’d be late for my test. Yes, today’s my first calculus test! Generally the paper was quite easy but as you all know…when something just seems to be so easy and effortless, I’m sure there’s some hidden clues or trap which we would just fall into easily. So I dare not say it was a piece of cake. Just as I handed up my paper I realized I did a really silly mistake thus losing TWO marks. Aarrrgghhh…but anwyayz what’s done is done. Can’t do anything to make it change or turn back time so I’ll just have to live with it.

Took the bus back to the old campus along with Ale and of all times, it had to start raining upon reaching the segar campus. So we decided to have lunch hoping the rain would stop by then. But NO…as soon as we were done with lunch and all ready to go home it started raining heavier. There was not a chance of getting home even a small patch dry although under an umbrella. So there we were stucked in leisure mall. We were tired and sleepy yet no where to go…so off we went to…the com lab.

Anywayz, the day didn’t turn out that bad after all. I mean because of all that I was able to spend most of the day with my dearest cuzzie. YEAY!!! It’s FUN…fun fun fun fun!! Alright, I guess you get the point.

Received an offline msg from bro earlier today. Makes me anticipate his coming home more. I wonder if he changed. Taller? Bigger? Fitter? CUTER?? Hahaha…guess I’ll just have to wait and see=) Wished time would speed up just that he’d be back home now. The days approaching his coming back means meeting more datelines and tests as well. Guess that would pretty much keep me occupied from thinking or missing him.

Feeling kinda sleepy now. Was actually kinda sleepy since afternoon. Somehow I still managed to finish up some stuffs that I needed to do. (Nah, not mopping floor this time) Did some of my homework and washed some clothes. So off to lala-land now...

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