Saturday, June 12, 2004


Yea, I get ever so excited each time friday arrives...cos, not only it's the weekend...but it's "home-sweet-home"end.

Hmmm...sometimes we often wonder about something so much we wished we found out what it really is but when we finally do...we end up wishing we didn't. Better not to know what you want to know then to know what you want to know is not exactly what u want to know.
Arrghh forget that...

Was just chatting with a dear friend whom I haven't seen for almost a year now. It's really nice being able to catch up again. Missing those days that we had together. If only the world was smaller...beyond reach of all regions and countries or at least technology was advanced enough for us to be at the other end of the world in just matters of minutes. Then whenever I'm missing them...all I have to do is get on some machine or something which would then transport me to wherever and yet still get back at the end of the day or at least in time to get back to the normal routine of life. Definitely something that'll never happen. It's like goin against time and all. Doesn't really make sense. I really miss all my friends who're million miles away...

Getting really late...lost track of time...need to....................zzzzZZZZzZZzzzz

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