Friday, July 23, 2004

Let's see...what's been happening? Ohyea, on wed had calc test2...which i think i dind't do too well. Hmm...yesterday was wed? Haha...felt like longer. Got back my marks for chem today. Okaylah...quite happy with it. Hopefully I'll do equally well or better in my finals. Yikes...finals...finals??...did i say finals?? Gee, my first sem is almost over. Went to see the head of my program regarding my course selection for next sem. Next sem will only be half we are only allowed to take 2 subjects maximum. TWO subs only?? This sem with 3 Subs also quite relaxed...only 2?? But if co-op takes place...I'll only be able to take ONE sub...and then work 1 month.'s weird that they're putting us to work already. Was told it'd only happen in our final year. But oh well...

Mum got kinda excited when she heard it's a half sem next sem. She started getting me ready to look for a part time job or something. Well...that's something I really gotta work on if I'd wanna go over to canada to visit my bro...or US to visit dad. Here I go...getting all emotional again. But really... I MISS MY BROTHER!!!!

Oh well...I better get started on presentation for tmr.


Ale said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww (PEK!)
Gosh..Eunice wants to fly off de. Hehe. Remember to save money on my behalf also kie? Me wanna fly, too. 8)

eunice said...

come lah..then we sama-sama go. wahaha...if only it's as easy as just saying it 8-)