Monday, July 26, 2004

Way under the weather!!

Haven't been feeling well the past few days. Had fever on and off since last wed. I miss my mum. It's nothing like when mummy's around when u fall sick. Had a terrible sorethroat but thank God it's all gone. Had some severe stomach aches since friday night. Was pretty was a whole routine of 3 things since then. Eat something or anything, urge to visit the loo, sleep. Pain was almost unbearable. No doctors for the night so only went to see the doc the next morning. The doc was kinda worried and suspected me to have acute appendicitis cos there was this sharp pain near that area when he put some extra pressure there. To not take any chances, doc advised to see the surgeon at the nearby hospital. And so there i the hospital. This whole thing that happened to me kinda reminded my dad when brother had appendicitis...on a SAT too. Oh well, anywayz he doubled check. Had pains at the lower abdomen area...and with my medical history they just wanted to double check if it's something else other than appendicitis. Thank God is neither what they suspected. Everything looked normal and healty. It was really scary though...being in that hospital. Somehow, the word spreaded around to the ppl in church, so they were asking and checking on me and how I'm doing. But I'm really thankful for all the wonderful ppl around me. Their concern and prayers were definitely an encouragement to get well sooner. Thank God there isn't anything wrong with me and that it was just a virul thingy causing a stomach flu or something. Feeling way better now. Few days back, it was even hard to get up from bed or chair or even to stand and walk.

Was really scared for if something were to happen...what about my finals which is just round the corner?? But it's all cleared so nothing to worry about anymore. Thank God!!! Now I'm constantly reminded by my parents to be more RELAXED and to manage my stress. It has been 2 specialist that have commented on this. Saying that the stress or something is the main cause to it. The doc even told me to be more like my dad...forever smiling (dad's always a cheerful person...smiles from not cheeck to cheeck but ear to ear) and so the doc took notice of that and said I should learn to smile more like my dad. It's hard to smile and be all happy when goin through pain at the same time though. But I guess it's something to keep in mind always. Funny I don't find myself under any stress though. Maybe subconsciously I've been keeping too many things to myself for too long now. (Ale the next time u see me talking out loud when I'm know why yah??)

Oh well, missed calc class today. And for all the times for her to start a new topic??? Arrghh...she had been pretty slow all this while...why not wait another day. Hopefully I can catch up. Supposed to move out and into Ale's place today but things came up so not until tmr. Hooray...I'm so excited!!!YEAY!! Now I don't have to face the walls or watch paint dry anymore! YEAY!! double YEAY!!

Finals is coming so soon. Meaning that dad will be goin off soon too. SOBSSS!! The thought of it's already killing me. What still keeps me is the thought that there is a high chance I'll be able to go over there to visit...both DAD and BRO!!! (together with mum of course)

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