Monday, July 19, 2004

Yippee de YEAY!!!

It was definitely a beautiful bright and sunny Sunday morning. Worship was great. Service was great. We had and extraordinary general meeting right after service today concerning the new building the church's gonna buy. Definitely a blessing from God for this brand new place. Results of the votes were very encouraging...showing that the people are yet to take that step of faith in obedience to God's wonderful blessing. It's really amazing.
Right after all that, together with a bunch of youths we went to 1U for lunch. Movie was at 4.20pm so we had about 2 hours after lunch to wonder around and obviously the girls went shopping. It's amazing to see how they could just buy stuffs like they had endless supply of money. In that short time, she bought 2 pairs of sandals and a skirt. That's the thrill in shopping - seeing what u like and buying them there and then. A second thought of whether to get it or not losses the "thrill". Then I guess I'd be the least "thrill-ing" shopper. Then we headed to the cinemas. The movie - King Arthur. Movie was not bad. Story line was kinda predictable. Some scenes were sort of like "adopted" from LOTR but I guess that's just how war scenes are. It wasn't that long, only a 2 hour show. It's been a while since a bunch of us hung out to catch a movie. Well probably cos everyone's studying abroad and most are back for hols now.
I'm still missing my brother. Gee, I usually don't miss someone THAT much! Been dreaming that he came back and that all those were just to sidetrack us from the so called "surprise" he has instored for us. But it nothing more than a dream. Was only real for about a while til I woke up. At that moment I wished I wouldn't have to wake up so bro'll still be here. But oh well...
Good news. Found a tenant to take over the flat i'm currently in. If all goes well, I'll be able to move out by end of the month. Hear that ale?? I'm cominggggggggg!!! Haha! The guy's coming to look at the place this tues. Hope he likes it. That way I can get back our deposit from the landlord and move into Ale's SOONER!!! YEAY! 

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