Saturday, July 17, 2004

*ring* *ring*

Was already about to turn off the com and hoping into my bed when suddenly a LOUD ring. It kinda startled me for a moment. Who on earth would call on an unearthly's 2:15am!! Then...i thought...and i thought...and thought more...better just pick up the phone first...could be my bro...that's the only person i could think of calling at this time. True was none other than my dearest brother whom I'm missing soooo very much. Spoke only a few sentences cos he had some important things to talk about with mum and dad first...but later...yeap...I got back on the phone and started talking for quite a while, while my parents were in my room waiting (for i dunno what) guess they got "jealous" since I was talking to him for so long we decided to continue our chat online!!
We talked and talked...about loads of things...from malaysian idol to cooking!! Asked him for some ideas on what to that I'm running out of ideas on what to cook and eat...and he gave a long but brief stuffs about cooking. Then he's telling me about foodstuffs like consume more protein...cut those carbohydrates and all...which makes me wonder...who's into foodscience and nutrition? him or me? Haha...but oh well, when I study more about my course...I'll be sure I'll be the one telling him stuffs. Yea...gosh I really miss him. Wished he was right here now. He's definitely not coming home anytime soon for now. *sobs* but if all goes well, I'll be off to visit him instead. Hopefully! Oh well I better get to bed now. It's almost 4am now plus there's music prac tmr MORNING and the songleader is none other than the perfectionist himself. Things must and can only go HIS way. Definitely gonna be a lonnnggggg day.

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