Wednesday, August 25, 2004

5 rings

Well, I've been spending most of my time staring at the black box for the past few days now. Have been rather excited following some sports in the olympics. I must say it's rather addictive and I understand now why guys are always so glued to the tv and ecstatic during the football fever.

Yea watching some of the sports has really got my heart pumped. All the adrenaline rush, anxiety, excitement, and dissapointment just by watching them in action...not even live there in athens but here at home infront of the tee-vee!! Imagine how much more they're feeling at the moment. But it's been soo much fun. Watching the gymnasts really gives me the rush especially when they perform their stunts on the high bars or even the beam or anything for that matter wherenever they pull a stunt but does not succeed and slip or fall. And then there's volleyball where they really give out their all just to save the ball. Watching them can't help but to yell *ouch* (right ale?) But it's a lil different in beach volleyball cos it's kinda fun watching them dive and skid in the sand just to save the ball. Ooo infact the women's beach volley bronze medal match right now. Can't wait for the match between brazil and US though =) Oh and then there's the cheerleaders who comes out each time-out which I find rather hillarious.

Yong May surprised me...AGAIN!! Haha...she's really good at it! She sent me a voice recorded msg which was really sweet, cute and funny =) Thanks pal!!

Alrighty to watch more b/volley. It's getting too excitinggggggg...

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Ale said...

ROIGHT!!!!! Ey... FUN LAH WATCHING BEACH VOLLEY (& also gynastS lah)! BETTER THAN WATCHING THE COURT ONE WAN. HEHEHE. Cause yeahh! watching them diving about in the sand make you wanna dive too.....HAHAHAHA....

I miss the OOOOO lah!!!!! *whining*