Wednesday, August 25, 2004

singing our lungs out!!

Met up with some school mates. Noticed how time's been flying as we started talking bout the times we had back in primary school. Yups...PRIMARY school. That's like 7-8 years back!!! And we're still in touch. YEAY to us wahaha!!! It's really fun reminiscing the silly things we did in our pre-teen years. Like not befriending each other cos of some lil misunderstandings or probably cos both had a crush on the same guy (not in my case though *ppllbbb*) or even playing tricks on each other. It's just so hillarious and I just can't help but burst into laughter looking back at those days...good times and bad times...It's just all part of the phases in life I guess.

Knowing how early we wake up especially during hols...we decided to meet up for LUNCH!! So off we went to Secret Recipe and I ordered lasagne. MmmMm not the best I've had but it was still yummmyyy!! Wanted to catch Jennifer Garner's movie 13 goin on 30 but tics for the prefered time was sold out. Hadn't had any idea where else to go...bowling??...nopes most of us didn't had socks...archery??...nah...arcade?? other than daytona they don't play any other thing...well better than me...I don't play anything wahaha...I'm the coin giver whenever they wanna re-continue the game before it's over! Nah not THAT bad...I've played quite a few kayz? Jac wanted to try riding the bike...she said we should try shake our butts...shouldn't be THAT difficult aight? But those were all suggestions. We ended up in neither those places. In fact a total different place...*drum roll*...we went to the karaoke! Yupss...a total of us 5 went singing out lungs out. Didn't matter if it was in tune...we knew each other so well we just crazily enjoyed making fun of the songs. Most importantly...we had a blast!! We sang a whole lot of songs ranging from the carpenters to linkin park to m2m. Haha goodness the choice of songs were horrible but that's the fun of it. We even selected that silly song from the Baha man...or was it Baha men? Whichever...the song selected..."who let the dogs out?" Wahaha...imagine that!! I guess we were partially drunk by the excessive intake of SPRITE! Yups...just SPRITE!! had to end there. Some had to dinner appoinments or other obligations. Although it was a rather short spend of time but it was the quality not forgetting the insanity moments that count!!

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