Friday, August 20, 2004

bee dee bee boo bah bee dee bee yeay

Today's such an exciting day! I was practically out the moment I woke up. Met up with my dearest closest friend whom I first knew back in primary school. Then we were in the same class all the years in highschool except in form 3. Sitting next to each other each year, sharing everything we had -- laughter, jokes, stories, gossips, food, water, and having the same taste in music, noticing people, things...anything...everything...u name it. And so...I was extremely thrilled having to be able to meet up with her again after sooooooo long. Felt like forever since we last met.

Me being so excited, mind in lala land, drove out my house the wrong direction. Noticed the mistake I made...tried to make a U-turn thinking to myself how silly I was leaving home at and unearthly hour -- just right after school hours. Made a infront of the opposite house was kinda blocking so had to reverse. Looked many many times knowing there's enough space to reverse right infront of neighbours house. The detector didn't made any sounds indicating anything near and suddenly -- *BANG* (heart literally stopped pumping for like a split second before it started beating faster than a disco beat). Yikes yikes...what happened??? Turned back and saw...a HUGE TREE!! How could I have not seen that earlier?? How come the detector didn't detect and made alert me?? Too many cars around so I decided not to create anymore congestion. So I drove right to my friends house to then check the damage done. was only a small dent despite the LOUD bang!! Relieved with the fact not much damage was done...of we went spending a great time together...reminiscing all the times we have had. Definitely had tremendous FUN! Started talking the moment she stepped into the car even til when we were eating lunch. There were just too much to catch up on.

Then we went to toys'R'us. We were practically the "naughty kids" there. Played everything single thing playable...touched and pressed anything touchable and pressable...Then there were those soft toys where u press and it sings or talks to u. So we each took one and started making a 'stage show'. Then there were this lil instruments...yea so we started our own orchestra. We were practically losing our own self to those toys. Well we were both wackos...can't blame us.

Then we walked around for quite a bit and decided to head back home before jam starts. But we didn't exactly head home. Since we both are choc and ice-cream freaks...we decided to crash into swenson's. There we indulged and dugged into it merely like pigs. That was the only moment we both were quiet and enjoying every single sensational moment -- despite the fact the amount of cals and carbs invovled!! MmmMMmm yummy! I can still taste it...wahahha...there were cherries dipped in choc...mashmallow cream...choc ice-cream...round choc balls which were crunchy and sticky (must be the caramel)...then the other one had choc brownies...vanilla ice-cream...and a red cherry. Ordered 2 different ones to share so we kinda like had both. mm mm mm mm mm...yuummmmmmmmmy!! *drools* *slurps*.

Drop by friend's house before goin home. Came home...mum wanted to go out so off we went to pyramid. Being with mum...everything gotta be done in a jiffy. Walked the whole of pyramid in and out of the shops looking for something in particular for me bro since a friend of his is goin back to canada. Couldn't figure what size to take. Dad's not around to at least try so we can roughly guess from there. So no choice but to check the size the model was wearing. But we didn't strip the model of his clothes or stand behind him checking...mum just asked the salesgirl right away so she had to check. Haha...the model was kinda taller so it was quite hard for her to check. Funny she didn't wanna get help from her workmates who were definitely taller. But oh well she managed... somehow...without the horror of it falling on her. Bought one more top for myself as well. Just realized it's 2 red out of 3 tops. 1 being yellow. Hhmm red and yellow...Selangor's colour. Goodness me...must be the patriotism creeping in subconsciously.

Been into olmpics lately. Watching it while onlining. Phelps... Haha... Phelps... superb swimmer. He's crazzzeeee!!!!! His face kinda looks small for him though. And Khorkina...she's skinny yet so energetic or probably cos she's so light that doing all the jumps on the floor and hanging on bars makes it much easier?

Alright i better be goin...getting really late! Hmm maybe not until gymnastics are over wahaha...oh no's just finished! US won! Taking over Khorkina's place. Amazing...just by a few decimal points! Ok I better be goin off now. Tata!!

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