Tuesday, August 17, 2004

bon voyage

Dad's already gone. On his way to the states. It's kinda hard to sink it in that he'll won't be around for quite a long time. He's just left and I'm already missing him. Especially each time when I think that he'll be away for such a long time. I guess I'll be talking alot about him for the next few days. Was kinda surprised that dad sent an email already. I guess during his wait for the transit flight in singapore. Hmm I should really talk bout other stuffs to get my mind off this.

To be a driver, the first at the top qualifications list has got to be a high level of patience. Besides being good at driving itself, basically all they do is wait most of the time. Felt kinda bad that he had to wait a long time while we were spending our last few moments with dad before he checks in. It was kinda really long...and it was already almost 11 pm. Definitely a long and late ot for him.

Came back home only to be frightened by some stupid cat. There's something about cats and this neighbourhood. They're EVERYWHERE!! Grrrr...of all the many places to be...it was hiding under mum's car. She saw it there and started making sounds to shoo it out. I didn't know she was shooing the cat away. So I locked the gate. And that horrified cat was running about trying to get out. Wondered how it gone in in the first place since every cat entrance into the house were fenced! Now gate was already closed...thanks to me...haha...and that cat was running about jumping here and there banging into everything trying to escape. I saw it fun into the fence (the partition between mine and the neighbours) and then it ran into the wall...where the bin is kept...and then running into the fence again and again...just can't get out. It was kinda funny though...just like watching some sort of cartoon or something. Guess it paniced and couldn't see anything clearly anymore. Well it deserves it...since it forbidenly came into the house. But despite me hating cats...it was painful to see it running into the wall and fence probably about 4-5 times. It almsot already gave up and hid near some plants. While it was there I opened the gate and left it open. Guess it could hear me opening the gate cos it sped off right away. Picturing it back...don't mean to be bad or what but it's kinda hillarious!!

Yikes...it's again 9am in fee-jee already. Been watching olympics. Sigh, I really should be sleeping now. But then again, I'm on hols!!! Wahaha...for 2 weeks. Yup yup yup. Ooo...just got notified by one of my piano teacher's student who happens to be my church member who also went to send my dad off where we finally had the time to talk. (I've gotta be less long winded from now on) Yea...my award has arrived. Woo hoo!!! And it's ready to be taken anytime. Woo hoo hoo!! 50 pounds...came just at the right time. Can do some serious shopping now hehe. But for now...off to bed I go. Nitez peeps. *snorts* Ooppsss!!

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