Saturday, August 07, 2004

Break or be broken!!

Taking a break right now from studying. Checking mails...reading blogs...and stuffs kinda gets me off from all that "trying-so-hard-to-understand" which sooner becomes a "just-memorize" kinda thing. I know it's not the right way to learn but...desperate times calls for desperate measures I guess. Different people have their own approaches to the studying method I guess. Just can't get over and done with it quicker. Sadly that means dad'll be gone too. *sobs*

Dad had been sick since monday night. He's been at home ever since. Recovering but still not to his perfectly energetic strong self yet I guess. His throat is still killing him...wonder how's he gonna be preaching tmr?? Mum was showing dad a speaking technique in which he would not have to strain himself so much as he's just been recovering. It was kinda funny though listening to the both of them testing out ways to speak.

Speaking of the door...mum looked in and said " how long u hung your banklet outside?" yups...she said BANKLET alright. Never heard mum mispronounced anything before -- other than calling me Jireh most of the times!!

Right now talking to my best buddy. Haven't had a nice decent chat with her for a loooonnnggggggggggggggggggg time now. Catchin up on where we've left off. Nice.

Drove myself all the way to cheras for my very first time few days back. Left some important stuffs which I need. Mum was at was I was...a car and a license and a need to get those stuffs... speeds off? nah...I drove at the appropriate speed...or so I think! Didn't wanna wait for mum cos by then it'd be jam. But the famous malaysian highway...need not say accident...just a car breakdown...there u get - a horrendous massive jam!! Nonetheless, I reached cheras and with my famous horrible horizontal wasn't straight. (Ale knows all about it) *tries to reason - but the car next to mine was also not in I parked parrellel to his/hers* not totally my fault!! c8)

Ooo naughty me. Was supposed to just come online a "while" but obviously it didn't work!!! So I'll just be waiting for the next programme i'm waiting on tv and recommence studies...unless I fall asleep...which means only after I wake up tomorrow. But WAIT...there's church I just better not fall asleep later. Well I better be goin now...*turns on tv* hehe c8)


Ale said...

HEhehaahha...Perhaps you won't be reading this till your exams finally ENDS tomorrow!!
HAhaha....I know you'll do well despite onlining too much and all...You always do!
HEhee....Well, will be praying for you always!! Muaxx
*eee....sangali bingh kissed you err...*

eunice said...'s over wey... OVER!!!! hahaha yippee we all can just loose our minds and be abnoxiously crazeeeeeeeeeeee!!! wahhahahaha...i think i already am how u were yesterday :-Þ

hahaha...sangali bingh kissed me?? eyerrr...hahahahahhaa....

and thanks for all ur prayers and wishes wey!!! and also all the fun we've been i don't get crazy looking at my notes all day!! U certainly did made study breaks a heck of a time!! Haha....