Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The point of no return

Have not been blogging for quite some time now. *shouts* : Ale I’m back I’m back I’m back!!! Hehe…yea and I’m now living under the same roof with her. Something we’ve been dreaming of that actually comes to life! This kinda times calls for a “cheer”…YEAY!!! (from the naoth…to the saoth…from the east…to the west…from the horrible to the lovely…) – nah…I’ll spare all of you from me continuing what’s already awful. Anywayz…I’m super duperly happy I don’t have to face the four walls and all non living things alone…nor need I keep my mouth shut all the time…or even watching tv while laughing alone – kinda freaky aight? Was shocked when I found out my bro was happy I wasn’t staying alone anymore. Didn’t know he was THAT concerned. Haha…found out through…eavesdropping phone conversations. Muahaha…

Have been pretty busy the past few days…in fact it’s not going to be any different as finals are NEXT WEEK!!! It just dawned upon me a few days ago that it’s already AUGUST and that finals are NEXT WEEK!! Was thinking I had at least 2 more weeks. Darn!! Tomorrow will be the last day of classes. Just came back from bio class today and the lecturer told us not to worry about the presentation cos all of us did EXTREMELY WELL!! Time for another YEAY!! Getting kinda worried and anxious about the finals. Hopefully it goes on well. Hopefully I don’t screw it up and maintain my marks. Like what my brother always like to tell me “In uni…we’re only given 1 piece of white paper…” which simply means…there’s only ONE chance to impress and highlight the best of what we have. One slight mistake…although it’s possible to erase but it would not be as clean as the original white paper. So no room for slight tinsy bitsy mistakes as well. It’s excellence all the way. The best of what we’ve got to give…all the way!!!! No one IS perfect but anyone can get on the road to perfection.

So…finals are next week and what on earth am I doing sitting in front of the com?? Well…it’s relaxation…to me anyways. Listening to my mp3s and just releasing whatever that’s in my thoughts right here.

[let’s see what else is in my head right now…]

One long line of one alphabet…zzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Just after lunch and as usual…feeling kinda sleepy. Plus the light smooth background music…*yawns* might just take a nap before I start back my engines. Gotta stop the habit of sleeping right after eating…but oh well…


Ale said...

Hehehehe....YEay!!! You're back!!!
HAhaha...I know i'm kinda slow lar.. haven't been online for sooooo long de(you know that)....and now I MERDEKA DE!!! HAhahah=)

From the NAOTH???!!!to the SAOTH???!!!
*rotfllm**sniff sniff*
so funny lar....HAhahha

eunice said...

hehe back but gone for a week also haha
but now i' back again!! woohoo...feels so good now that finals are over...i feel lighter...like i can fly...woohoo...fly fly fly...don't u as well?? Hahahaha C/8)

eunice said...

ohyea...what's rotfllm??
llm?? ape tu?